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Maria Arvanitakis’ Book Presentation

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

Maria H. Arvanitakis’ historical novel “The Resurrection of Rhodes: The Last Siege” is officially presented on Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 19:30 in Nestoridiou Melathrou New Wing by mgk.advertising editions and The House of Rhodes .

A few words about the book

During the time of the Knights of Rhodes during the last siege (1522) epic battles are fought on the walls, where Knights and Rhodians unite and fight the Turkish besiegers. Anastasia, a Rhodian wife of a knight when she sees her husband killed, she wears his bloodied armor and dies while fighting. A historical novel that brings to life the atmosphere of the day, while a tremendous betrayal leads it to its painful end.

A few words about the author

Maria C. Arvanitaki is a teacher. She grew up in Thessaloniki and lives with her family in Rhodes. She has worked in Rhodes schools for many years.

Her interests are: children’s literature, children’s and youth literary works in theater, local history, and scriptwriting. Her revisions have been adopted by fellow teachers to teach the students of Rhodes and the Dodecanese.

In 2017, she released her book “School Theatrical Works for March 7th” which is a tutorial in the hands of the teacher and is based on the local history of the Dodecanese. The book refers to the course of the Dodecanese struggle for freedom and union with Greece.

During the presentation, Spyros Syropoulos Professor of the Mediterranean Studies Department of the University of the Aegean will speak about the book. Storytelling: Vicky Theologian, Theatrologist

The event is held with the courtesy of the Museum of Modern Greek Art of the Municipality of Rhodes.

Communication Sponsor: Radio Lihnari

ISBN: 978-618-84257-1-2