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European Music Festival 2019

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The concert of classical music by the Rhodes Music School opened the European Music Festival 2019 in Rhodes on Thursday, June 20th.

The European Music Festival is maturing and evolving, going beyond the bounds of the event and giving everyone the drive, the impetus and the keys to become active members of it. Every dream wants to come true, every moment wants to live, every feeling comes true. The European Music Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary and invites you to take part in the largest music festival taking place simultaneously across Europe and elsewhere!

From the 20th to the 23rd of June we celebrate. Not in the context of a “classic” event but in a big party-centric party, what else? The music!

Inspiration, joy, sadness, emotions – anything he can give and create. We can all be part of the European Music Festival and support it.

Rhodes gives a dynamic presence with eight open events:

20-23 JUNE 2019

Events Schedule

Thursday June 20th


Concert of Classical Music

Start time 20:00

Concert Program

  1. “A City Called Gela” R. Deligiannaki (Er. Dedey)
  2.  Anitr’s dance (M. Lampropoulou – P. Yakai)
  3.  “The Pianist Who Painted Music” R. Deligiannaki (Eug. Hatzipapa)
  4.  Une Rose’s effeuile Varvoglis (P. Dinakou)
  5.  Valse pour un petit negre Varvoglis (El Kiose)
  6.  Il canto del pescatore V. Billi (Lina Fam – Evita Manolaki)
  7.  Song for tomorrow Ben Crosland (S. Giannakaki)
  8.  “Hello Jamaica” Allan Bullard (S. Giannakaki – Er. Dedey)
  9.  Trumpeter’s serenade Fr. Spindler (Pr. Anagnostides)
  10.  Railroad blues, Blackwell (G. Mavris)
  11.  Moonlight Sonata (cover) (El. Kioshe)
  12.  44 children’s songs Konstantinidis (N. Diakogeorgiou)
  13.  “This to Summer” 44 children’s songs Konstantinidis (M. Volonaki)
  14.  “Jamais le Dimanche” (Er. Dedey – Eug. Hatzipapa)
  15.  “Down to the Yoke” G. Constantinidis 44 Children’s Songs (El. Stefanidi)
  16.  “An eagle sat down” G. Konstantinidis 44 Children’s Songs (D. Kourouklidis)
  17.  Ave Maria Fr. Schubert (V. Arfanis, Accompanied by Ms. A. Koliadi)
  18. Swan lake Tchaikovsky (M. Moschidi piano & Ir. Kavala violin)
  19.  Minuet in G minor J.S. Bach (El. Xipolitaki)
  20.  Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no 2 (D. Kourouklidis, accompanied by Th. Sarris)
  21.  Sonatina Clementi 3 C’ part (Ev. Manolaki)
  22.  Waltz from Masquerade A. Khachaturian (El. Stefanidi – M. Stamatiou)
  23. Valse Chopin op.64 no 1 “valse minute” (V. Katsimbraki)
  24. La Campanella N. Paganini (St. Savvaki – Ak. Geraveli)

We warmly thank the professors: Evangelia Dimitraki, Dina Kavouriadou, Anthoula Koliadi, Sasa Sarri and Eva Spyrou and the Directorate of the Rhodes Music School

Friday June 21rst


Opera night

Start time 21:00 – 23:00

Participating in the Experimental Choir of the Municipality of Rhodes under the direction of Giorgos Sakellaridis, the Rhodes song soloists Leonidas Sakellaridis, Eleftheria Zaraki, Dimitra Papadopoulou, the co-authors of the lyric scene, Dimitris Yiakas (Piano) and Rhodes Municipality Choir.

Concert schedule:

  1. OFFENBACH / FERRYTAILS OF OFMAN – Varkarola (D. Papadopoulou – E. Zaraki – Experimental Choir)
  2.  CILEA / ARLESIANA- Lamento di Federico (G. Christopoulos)
  3.  DONIZETTI / LUCIA DI LAMERMOOR – Wedding Choir (L. Sakellaridis – Experimental Choir)
  4.  PUCCINI / LA BOHEME- Musetta (E.Zarakis)
  5.  VERDI / I DUE FOSCARI-Varkarola (Experimental Choir)
  6.  DONIZETTI / LUCIA DI LAMERMOOR- Aria Edgardo {Tombe degli avi miei…} (G. Christopoulos)
  7.  BIZET / CARMEN – Habanera (D. Papadopoulou – Experimental Choir)
  8.  VERDI / IL TROVATORE – Di quella pira… (L. Sakellaridis – Experimental Choir)
  9.  BELLINI / LA SONNAMBULA- Ah non credea mirarti… (E.Zaraki)
  10.  VERDI / IL TROVATORE – Duetto Azucena – Manrico (D. Papadopoulou – G. Christopoulos)
  11.  BELLINI / NORMA – Norma vien… (Experimental Choir)
  12.  VERDI / LA TRAVIATA – Parigi o cara… (G. Christopoulos – E. Zaraki)
  13.  PUCCINI / TURANDOT – Nessun dorma… (L. Sakellaridis – Experimental Choir)
  14.  VERDI / NABUCCO – Slave Choir (Experimental Choir)
  15.  SANTA LUCIA / Italian Song (Rhodes Municipality Children’s Choir)
  16.  PUCCINI / LA BOHEME- Duetto Rodolfo – Marcello (G. Christopoulos – L. Sakellaridis)
  17.  DENZA / FUNICULI – FUNICULA (Children’s Choir – Experimental Choir – L. Sakellaridis – G. Christopoulos)
  18.  VERDI / LA TRAVIATA – Libiamo… (Experimental Choir – Children’s Choir – G. Christopoulos- L. Sakellaridis-E. Zaraki- D. Papadopoulou).

Organized by: Rhodes Municipal Cultural-Sport Organization. The concert is dedicated to the memory of Rhodes Dentist and Extraordinary Tenor Mr. Dimitris Papaignatiou and is performed with the cooperation of the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese.

Saturday June 22nd

SIDEWALK (Dimitriou Theodoraki)

A rock band concert with serial #

Time: 22:00

Sunday June 23rd


Concert of Classical Music

Start time 20:00

Concert Program

  1. Valse Chopin on la mineur no 17 (El. Stefanidis)
  2.  La chaise a porteurs C. Chaminade (Pelagia Kastanaki – Hector Kasimatis)
  3.  Lettre a ma mere R. Clayderman (Veli Dimitra)
  4.  Hungarian sonate R. Clayderman (P. Kastanaki)
  5.  Songs without words op.36 no 6 Venetian gondola Fr. Mendelssohn (George Touvras)
  6.  Mazurka in B Flat major KKla no 3 Fr.Chopin (Trunk Family)
  7.  Cello Sonata no 1, A. Vivaldi (Geravelis Pavlos & Stati Katerina)
  8.  Waltz op.64 no 2, Fr. Chopin (Geraveli Akira)
  9.  Cello Sonata no 1 op.43 B. Romberg (Geraveli Akira, cello & stone Tsambika piano)
  10.  Mazurka op.67 no 2 Fr. Chopin (Katsouraki Katerina)
  11.  Hadjidaki’s Ionic Suite IV (Ikouta Chrysaphenia)
  12.  Songs without words op.19 No3 A major Hunting song Fr. Mendelssohn (Hadjisouleiman Ali)                                                                         .
  13.  Ballade no 2 “Kumru” Fazil Say (Stephanaki Maria)
  14.  Mazurka op.6 no2 Fr. Chopin (Wool Cross)
  15.  J.S. Bach Preludio and Fuga no 2 (Sotiraki Stamatia)
  16.  Cello Sonata no 4 op.38 B. Romberg (Stati Katerina Cello & Hadjisouleiman Ali, piano)
  17.  Etude op.25 no1 Fr. Chopin (Cashier Hector)
  18.  Polonaise op.40 no1 Fr. Chopin (Cashier Hector)
  19.  Impromptus op.142 No 2 Fr. Schubert (Petra Tsambika)
  20.  Badinerie J.S. Bach (Diakouraki Efi Flute & Stefanaki Maria Piano)
  21.  The swan Saint Saens (Lotsco Orpheus, Cello & Zagora Tsambika, piano)

We warmly thank the teachers: Ioanna Kazantzidi, Evi Katsara, Elena Kakoyianni, Anthoula Koliadi, Panagiotis-Charilaos Koutentakis, Amarildo Lotsko, Panagiotois-Loukas Bellos, Sasa Sari, Eva Spyrou, Petros Tsiberopoulos, Erato Hadjinikolaou and the Directorate of the Rhodes Music School

DOME (Mandraki)

Concert with the Rhodes Philharmonic Orchestra

Start time 20:00 (immediately after flag is flagged)

Favorite musical themes from the cinema and the Greek repertoire

Organization: The House of Europe in Rhodes / MORCS / Municipality of Rhodes

SIDEWALK (Dimitriou Theodoraki)

 Gypsy Jazz Concert

Time: 20:30


Concert with the “Polis” Choir

Start time 20:30

Under the direction of Angela Spanou. Songs from the old Greek cinema.


Representation of Clidona Traditional Custom

The Rhodes European Music Festival is organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes and the City of Rhodes with the support of MORCS and the Rhodes Music School.