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Anna Haritou’s Book Presentation

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The first official presentation of Anna Haritou’s book “The Butterfly of Rhodes” took place in the crowded bookstore “The Tree” on the night of Friday, April 19, 2019.

The evening was organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes with mgk.advertising editions. The event was co-ordinated by the President of the House, who also edited the final paging and publication of the book, based on the original idea of ​​Francis Basil and the magnificent images of the distinguished architect Laertis Vasiliou, which depicts the unique butterfly’s circle, as it is first revealed through Ms Haritou’s scientific research.

The author was presented by the Honorable President of the House of Europe, Ms. Marilena Sokianou, and the agronomist Apostolos Constandakis described in a unique way the biological cycle of the Rhodes butterfly, the famous Panaxia quadropunctaria. He presented the four stages of the popular insect’s life, the geographical areas in which he lives at each stage, rendering the present societies of the hitherto unknown early stages of Panaxia’s life as emerged from the author’s experiments.

The story of Panaxia’s life excited the public. The main purpose of the book is to inform and raise the awareness of the public about the protection of Rhodes lepidoptera, and the newly discovered places where it lives as a caterpillar or chrysalis, and of course the protection of the precious Butterfly Valley.

The luxurious version with the hardcover and photo paper that uniquely highlights the images and photos that accompany the text was, of course, depleted that same evening with many of the friends honoring the event failing to buy the coveted book. Already, the book’s first reprint has been ordered and the book will be available again in mid-May at select bookstores.