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Meeting of the House of Europe in Rhodes with the Vice Mayor of Culture

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The establishment of the International Rhodes Regional RhodesMRC International Conference on Rhodes and the further cooperation of the House of Europe in Rhodes with the Municipality of Rhodes were the subjects of the meeting held by a delegation of the BoD of the House of Europe in Rhodes, consisting of the President, Mr. Michalis Kavuklis, the Treasurer, Mr. Stavros Chrysochos and the Board member, Mr. George Minas, on Thursday, 20/12/2018, with the Vice Mayor of Medieval City, Of Culture and Sport, Mr. Teris Hatziioannou.

The Vice Mayor was briefed on the up to date assessment of RhodesMRC 2018 (the overall report will be presented in the New Year) and the great success of the event last October and November, as well as the planning and preparation for the 10th anniversary edition. of the conference, 9-13 October 2019 for students and young scientists and 7-10 November 2019 for high school and high school students. Prospects point to a further increase in conference attendees to a new record, and it is important to prepare for actions with conference graduates who currently occupy important positions in Greece and abroad and are permanent ambassadors and friends of Rhodes. In addition to signing a Memorandum of Understanding that will establish the conference in the long term as an action of our city, the Vice Mayor, after noting the special love and support shown by this Municipal Authority to the institution, also proposed the simultaneous signing of the Planning Agreement between the shielding the execution of such a demanding organization.

The delegation then briefed Mr Hatziioannou on the events and actions of the House that will lead to the European elections, as it is a key objective of the House to engage citizens: to discuss Europe and its future, and in particular to participate in them, through the series of # local2european events involving local politicians and active citizens in a debate on European issues. In a similar vein, the 7th Day for Europe, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development will take place in March. Correspondingly, delegation members requested and received information on upcoming celebrations for the 30 years since the proclamation of the Medieval City of Rhodes at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, events which the House has been supporting since the first moment – already, RhodesMRC 2018 had a similar theme – and they also offered to assist and assist in the successful execution of the celebration program upon request.

A key part of the long-running meeting was also the discussion on the preparation of the European program “Active Citizens in Rural Areas”, the third of which will take place in Rhodes next April. The purpose of the program is to provide strategic cooperation to actors to capture and highlight good practices for engaging citizens in the development of rural and remote areas. The program is implemented by organizations from Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Greece and is funded by the European Union Erasmus + program. The Deputy Mayor welcomed the effort and offered to participate in the coordination of the necessary meetings to be arranged by the House with City officials and stated that support for the workshops and visits would be finalized shortly thereafter.

The meeting ended in a pleasant and hopeful climate, as it was found that the previous good experience in the cooperation of the Municipality of Rhodes with the House of Europe in Rhodes was a guarantee of the quality of the actions to be implemented in the coming period.