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Board Meeting of the House with Haroula Yasirani

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

A highly constructive workshop was held by a delegation of the Board of Directors of the House of Europe in Rhodes, consisting of the President, Mr. Michalis Kavuklis, the Secretary, Ms. Magdalini Tsourdiou, the Treasurer, Mr. Stavros Chrysochos, and the Board member, Mr. George Minas, with the Regional Director in South Aegean issues of Lifelong Learning, Volunteering and European Programs, Ms. Haroula Yasirani.

The meeting included a number of topics related to the existing areas of cooperation of the South Aegean Region with the House of Europe in Rhodes, but also its extension and deepening, aimed at enhancing extroversion, spreading European values ​​and the European Idea, creating access to local civil society access to funding and opportunities through European programs, through the established House Action Plan and the creation of new partnerships.

The first topic on the agenda was the International Rhodes Regional RhodesMRC International Conference on Simulation. The Board of Directors She thanked Mrs Yassirani, the South Aegean Region who has supported the institution from the beginning, but especially her own and the current Regional Authority, who have contributed to the actual development of the conference in one of the largest in Europe. Ms Yassirani stated the pride that everyone involved in the conference should feel and that it is self-evident for the Region to support an institution that promotes the development of young people to such an extent and is recognized by international organizations such as NATO. In view of the tenth anniversary of the conference, the two sides have agreed that the conditions are now ripe for the institutionalization of RhodesMRC and for the two parties to proceed immediately to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, with the Region becoming a permanent co-organizer and supporter of an institution from which to date more than 2,000 students, students and young scientists from 22 countries have graduated.

Ms Yassirani was then briefed on the European program “Active Citizens in Rural Areas”, the third of which will take place in Rhodes next April. The program is implemented by organizations from Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Greece and is funded by the European Union Erasmus + program. The aim is through the strategic cooperation of actors to document and highlight good practices for engaging citizens in the development of rural and remote areas. The House of Europe in Rhodes, being the Greek partner, adds to the debate and highlights the insularity and the extreme seasonality of the island’s economy. Noting the importance of such a program, Ms Yasirani stated the obvious involvement of Europe’s most insular region in the program by presenting its practices and policies, but also presenting the projects already awarded as sustainable development programs of the European Gastronomic Region. – South Aegean 2019.

The third theme of the meeting was the agreement of the Region’s participation in the organization of the 7th Day for Europe, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, another institution of the House of Europe, highlighting a three-day intensive business practices, examples of innovation with locals, but also renowned speakers from various parts of Greece.

After welcoming the House’s initiative to host the original # local2european democracy events ahead of the 2019 European elections, Ms Yassirani accepted the proposal for her active personal involvement in the design and implementation of the series dedicated to Woman. Finally, the two parties agreed to design and jointly implement the House and VTC Gennimatas, two adult education programs: 1. to educate House volunteers in specialized skills, creating a highly trained and “dedicated” volunteer team contributing to the success of House’s and other organizations’ events; and 2. a series of seminars devoted to basic concepts of political education and European integration.

The aim of both parties is to implement quality actions and to try to disperse the events outside Rhodes. Updates on the actions will be announced shortly after the holidays.