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#local2european: The Dodecanese Speak for Europe!

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

With great success and significant outreach to the Rhodian public the first event “#local2european | The Dodecanese Speak for Europe” organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes and the Robert Schuman European Center (France), last Saturday, 24/11/2018, at the New Wing of the Rhodes Museum of Modern Greek Art.

The event invited local politicians and party representatives to address issues concerning the future of Europe and the position of Greece and the Dodecanese in this shaping future. The aim is to hear local voices and positions and to launch a fruitful debate on the 2019 European elections.

The procedure was extremely original, debating elements of debates with participants having five minutes for an introductory posture, three minutes for answering two questions and two minutes for a closing statement. It should be noted that the questions were asked earlier by the public and were selected by drawing lots in front of everyone, with the timer normally held on-screen. All participants respected the process, led by the President of the House, Mr. Michalis Kavuklis, and the public enjoyed a highly structured and structured discussion, which was broadcast live on Facebook as a whole.

Two panels were formed for the event. The first panel was attended by the Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs and Member of the Dodecanese, Mr. Nektarios Santorinos, and the Associate Professor of the University of the Aegean, Member of the Dodecanese, and the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the New Republic, Mr. Manos Console. The high level of debate fascinated the public who followed the process with great care, and the most important conclusion of the two Dodecanese politicians’ debate was that there should be co-operation and cooperation in the Dodecanese issues, as well as confirmation of the country’s clear European orientation.

The second panel was attended by party representatives in the Dodecanese, namely the Coordinator of the SYRIZA Prefecture of Southern Dodecanese, Mr. Antonis Apostolidis, the Head of Strategic Planning and Communications of the NOD, the Greek Dodecanese Committee of the New Dodecanese Mr. Nikiforos Papanikolas, Secretary of the Island Policy and Member of the National Council of Independent Greeks, Ms. Maria Angelou. Through the lively discussion of the four representatives, the different approaches and priorities set by each political space were revealed, but it was also confirmed here that Greece belonged to the European future, and in one way or another had to assume a more important role within a national context. strategy. All four agreed that the most important stalemate in the 2019 European elections is to participate in the elections, as the composition of the new European Parliament will significantly determine the future of the European Union itself.

Present at the event were Lifelong Learning Regional Executive Ms. Haroula Yassirani, Director of the Dodecanese Antiquities Board, Ms. Maria Michailidou, Honorary Consul of France, Ms. Aliki Mosci-Gauget, President of the Hotel Managers Association Mr George Matsigos, the former Member, Mr Vassilis Papanikolas, the former Deputy Mayor Mr Nikolaos Charalambis, the two Honorable Presidents of the House, Mrs Marilena Sokianou and Mrs Anna Charitou, and many of our fellow citizens of all ages.

The warm acceptance of both the participating speakers and the public of the process confirms the intention of the House to continue the events with the participation of other groups of active citizens, such as young people, women, artists, scientists, businessmen and so on who will talk about Europe by depositing their own faces and anxieties.

The event was organized with the support of the Europe for Citizens European Program and courtesy of the Rhodes Museum of Modern Greek Art.

Introductory note by President of the House of Europe in Rhodes, Michalis Kavuklis

Introductory note by Manos Consola, Member of the Dodecanese

Introductory note by Michalis Mantikos, Head of Strategic Planning and Communications at the Dodecanese Dodecanese, New Democracy

We thank Konstantinos Glentis and Yiannis Makrantonis for part of the photographic material.