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Working Meeting with the South Aegean Region

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Working meeting in the South Aegean Region, and in particular with the Executive Regional Adviser on Education, Lifelong Learning, Volunteering and European Programs, Mrs Haroula Yasirani had a delegation to the House of Europe in Rhodes, and in particular the President of the House Mr. Michael Kavuklis and the Treasurer of the House, Mr. Stavros Chrysochos, on Friday June 01st of 2018.

Highlighting the meeting’s agenda was the co-organization of the International Conference on Regional Simulation – Rhodes Model Regional Co-operation, or RhodesMRC, organized for the ninth consecutive year in Rhodes and brings valuable support to the Southern Auxiliary as well for its further development. Ms Yasirani, a member of the Organizing Committee of the conference, exchanged views on the organizational issues of the conference, and at the same time suggested key solutions, thanks to her experience in related issues. Note that a pleasing challenge for the Organizing Committee is the high demand for conference attendance, with more than 200 participants completing their registration and another 200 being in the process of registering for a conference originally designed for 360 participants, and this year it seems to be gathering high interest with organized missions from 13 Schools and Universities, as well as individual participants from Greece and abroad.

At the same meeting, she presented to Ms. Yasirani, who reaffirmed the support of the South Aegean Region, the Erasmus + European project “READ IT – Active Citizens in Rural Areas” which aims to capture good practices for activating citizens in rural areas. and remote areas. Lifelong learning organizations from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden are participating in the program, while Greece represents the House of Europe in Rhodes. The strategic positioning of the House, as welcomed by Ms. Yassirani, is to add to the dialogue both the insularity and the extreme seasonality at work, characteristics of Rhodes and the other islands of the South Aegean, and how citizens can be kept active in these parts. The program started in September 2017, with the first meeting of the Heads of Mission in October 2017 in Budapest, followed by four international meetings with 24 people (four from each country). The first in Paris has already taken place last March, the second will take place in Sweden in September, the third in Rhodes in April 2018 and the fourth in Poland in June 2018. D.D. is already supporting the effort as a local partner, D.C.C. has been informed and will participate through the Aegean Cuisine platform, and through the meeting with Ms Yasirani, the link to the project of the European Gastronomic Region South Aegean 2019 has emerged, many of which her actions can be recorded and probably n join as good practices as they activate citizens’ preference for local agricultural products and link local production with the whole culinary experience of each island individually and the Region as a whole, with multiple benefits to the development of the place.

At the extremely constructive meeting with Ms Yassirani, there were many other issues discussed, which have already led to an implementation agreement and very soon official proposals will be tabled with the aim of involving our maximum number of fellow citizens in achieving tangible results and disseminating them in our wider island area. More information will be announced soon.