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Continuing 8th Eurochannel

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With the faithful audience the Eurochannel Short Film Festival continues with the theme “happiness” that hosts the House of Europe in Rhodes! A total of 41 films will be screened in the seven screenings that continue daily until 30/05/2018 at 20:00 at Pallas Cinema. All the films are screened in Greek subtitles, translated by the European House Documentation Team in Rhodes. Admission is free for all views. Limited seat number.

Following is the schedule of the four remaining days:

Sunday, 27/05/2018 at 20:00                                                                        

Program 4 / Stand by me

Spain – Pan-demia (Drama) by Rubén Sainz. A neighborhood like everyone else, a regular store … Everything can happen as despair changes everything.

Portugal – Farewell (Drama) by Tiago Rosa-Rosso. Three friends are on the beach. It is the last day of summer and the moon rises. One of them decides to hold his breath until the moon appears completely on the horizon.

Lithuania – The Trolleybus Man (Comedy / Drama / Science Fiction). An irrational comedy about a superhero mechanic who struggles to maintain his love for trolleys. Vilnius Trolleybus Park (no one really knows why a place where trolleys are called “parks”) is being sold to a new investor who wants to replace trolleys with more convenient high-tech, wireless, driverless vehicles. Needless to say, these high-tech miracles will require little maintenance, so drivers and support staff will be fired. But there will be bigger changes. Without the old trolleys, the city would never be the same again. In this dark time, a hero is born again: A former engineer who is going to fight technological development to save the trolley legacy.

Belgium – Stock Exchange (Thriller / Drama) by Stéphane Everaertis. Kris wants his daughter back and has to pay the ransom. After a terribly long wait a little girl returns from the warehouse. Unfortunately she is not the right girl. Kris discovers a bomb and threatens to blow it up if the kidnappers don’t give his daughter back. Kostas, the leader of the gang, tries to calm him down. But things are getting out of control.

Spain – Ad Eternum (Drama) by Xavier Cruzado. Daniel, a weak, pale 8-year-old boy, waits, climbing into a corner of a wooden bench at the entrance to the cemetery. Slightly bored, he sighs as he watches people go, most mournfully dressed, in small groups, or walking slowly, muttering. There she meets Carmen, an elderly lady with whom she shares her particular view of life and death …

Italy – Boulevard des Italiens (Comedy) by Matteo Querci. The world is going through a great crisis and finding a job has become extremely difficult. But remember, the chances of getting a job are not over, you just have to create one yourself … Everything starts with the oldest “unpaid” job in the world.

Monday, 28/05/2018 at 20:00                                                                  

Schedule 5 / The grass is greener

Portugal – Roots (Documentary / Drama) by Andre Bem-Haja. Grandpa’s house is the gathering place of a large family. Adults come and go, either working or resting. Children settle. The four cousins, sharing an ocean over time, spend their summers together. They get used to each other, get angry, eat each other and share cultures.

Romania – Hypotheses or Predictions Based on Theories (Drama) by Andreea Paduraru. Laura, a young and beautiful girl, is going to become a bride! She and her older sister Marina are two women looking for evidence that Laura’s future husband is cheating on her. Accompanied by Alex, Laura’s five-year-old nephew, embark on a road trip to the sea that soon ends with a journey where they discover their true selves and the origin of their questions.

United Kingdom – Albert (Drama) by Miranda Howard-Williams. An enthusiastic tale of childhood innocence and fear of the unknown.

The Netherlands – Spark (Drama) by Edgar Kapp, Kuba Szutkowski. Lost in an industrial area, a distributor asks for directions from a lone welder. Things change when he gets fired and his truck refuses to get ahead. It seems the two men are doomed to stay together. Unexpected intimacy seems not to be an uncomfortable spark in the end…

Croatia – Star Stuff (Biography / Drama). A boy enchanted by the stars in the night sky embarks on a journey of great discovery. As a query is answered, more appears. Soon, where nothing but a serious boy stood, a great scientist was born. Inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century.

Tuesday, 29/05/2018 at 20:00                                                                  

Program 6 / Heart’s places

Ireland – Just Like a Bitch (Drama) by Rúaidhrí Conroy. Benjy, a homeless alcoholic, loses the only thing he loves as much as anything in the world when his dog, Diana, mysteriously disappears. Alone and increasingly frustrated, Benjy takes to the streets of Dublin in search of her, confronting a series of hostile and no use characters along the way.

Slovenia – Kresnik: The Lore of Fire (Fiction) by David Sipoš. Peter spends the summer with his cousins ​​at his grandfather’s house. They decide to spend the night camping out, but they don’t expect this kind of ordeal to be called before dawn.

Estonia- Life with Herman H. Rott (Drama / Comedy) by Chintis Lundgren Herman is a rat who likes heavy alcohol, loud music and chess. He does not particularly like the cleanliness and clutter in his apartment that makes him feel more like home. One day a well-groomed cat, unable to handle the dirty bunch of men, decides to move with him. She brings with her a vacuum cleaner, a piano and worst of all: a series of classical music albums.

France / Romania-Annick (Drama) by Bianca Sescu. Annick is 17 years old and doesn’t know what she wants. After another fight with her mother, she has barely found herself, until one night she offers her a new vision of life and human relationships.

Finland – Maartin (Action, Comedy) by Joel Rahkonen. Maartin is an action comedy about a good-hearted police officer with a bike aspiring to become a detective. When the Norwegian cycling mafia kidnaps Pierre, the son of his beloved Maartin, there is an opportunity to prove what he is made of. In all likelihood, Maartin detects the scammers, but is caught with Kowalsky’s partner. When everything seems to be lost, Maartin uses tricks from his favorite television series MacGyver to escape and defeat the bad guys.

Wednesday, 30/05/2018 at 20:00                                                                

Program 7 / The Best Day of Our Lives

Sweden – In Your Interest (Comedy) by Jimmy Olsson. It’s an ordinary day at the bank. A somewhat anxious young man comes in and sits among the other clients. When it is his turn to go to the cashier, he suddenly pulls out a pistol marking the woman behind the cashier and declares that it is robbery. It is a situation that could have dreadful consequences if the treasurer had not handled it in such a strange way.

Slovakia – I am sorry (Drama) by Teodor Kuhn. A violent adulthood has fallen on the shoulders of 15-year-old Patrik. Feeling that he is in control and overconfident, Patrik hurts someone and refuses to take responsibility. But as the remorse overwhelms him, Patrik will find himself alone. He is separated from his younger brother and his mom. His fear of being revealed grows, but Patrik never really sought forgiveness. At some point he realizes that others are also having problems and for them it may not be too late for help.


Poland – Fences (Drama / Drama) by Natalia Krawczuk. A bird in a cage, a child in a playpen, two dogs on one side and the other on the other side of a fence. From beginning to end our lives are full of partitions. Each of us treats it our own way. Does it really make sense to separate ourselves from our neighbors with a wall?

Norway – My Brother, Mikael. (Drama) by Mads Eriksen. 15-year-old Mikael has always looked after his little brother, Joakim, who has Down syndrome. The two spent the summer playing in the countryside near their farm and in an old hut they were repairing. But when another boy shows up, things change.

Denmark – Goodbye Bluebird (Drama) by Lisa Aschan. A Swedish actor visits Copenhagen, looking for his daughter with whom he has been talking for many years. A painful encounter is followed by a surreal end.

Hungary – Beauty Queen (Drama) by Judit Oláh. Laci wants Zita to make a decision as she has been waiting for him for a decade. However, Zita chooses a different path by participating in a beauty contest. However, being there with young girls, she realizes that her youth has already vanished. They are persecuted her because of age, as the contest is for women under 35. Exiled and hurt, she leaves the competition with a bottle of champagne. She’s even thinking of committing suicide, but of course it’s just a crazy idea: she could still become a mother someday.