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8th Eurochannel Short Film Festival

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The House of Europe in Rhodes presents the “Happiness” Eurochannel Short Film Festival! The Eurochannel Short Film Festival comes to Rhodes again and invites viewers to follow talented filmmakers on a fascinating exploration of Europe through short films: with filmmakers as guides, filmmakers find their way through.

The screenings will take place on 24-30 / 05/2018, at 20:00, at Pallas Cinema. All the films are screened in Greek subtitles, translated by the European House Documentation Team in Rhodes. Admission is free for all views. Limited seat number.

Here is the schedule for the first few days:

Thursday, 24/05/2018 at 20:00                                                            

Program 1 / Stuck in Love

France (Paris) – Bastille Day (Drama / Romance) by Michaël Barocas. It’s Bastille’s day and René has an appointment with Madeleine. For a couple of seniors wandering the streets of Paris, emotions are intertwined and regenerated.

Russia (St. Petersburg) – Bravoman (Comedy) by Evelina Barsegian. Every night the deeply cynical Andrey wears a tuxedo and shouts “Bravo”! in theatrical performances. It is paid to create an emotion in the audience. Andrey is sure that all people lie until he knows the most honest girl in the audience. Bravoman is a satirical comedy about the conflict between hypocrisy and sincerity and the way people pretend to be clear with their emotions.

Austria – The Jacket by Patrick Vollrath. A boy meets a girl. It could be love. But there is this jacket. The jacket will change everything.

Spain -The Love That Could Not Be Hidden by Cristina Justribó. Don Enrique and Leocadia are going to meet in a café-bar. She’s the perfect couple: that deaf and that frustrated Zarzuela singer.

France (Paris) – Parallel (Drama) by Olivier l’Inconnu. A woman. The Paris Metro. Thousands of passengers. They are unlikely to meet. There is little chance of exchanging a look. They are unlikely to meet again. A look, a word, a decision. An opportunity for true destiny. So far. Neither of them without the other.

Latvia – Almost Perfect (Drama / Romance) by Artis Dobrovolskis Katherine works in the market. She goes to nightclub but is not allowed to enter. There he meets Edgar, a gardener. Fear not to make a bad impression, they lie to each other about their profession.

Friday, 25/05/2018 at 20:00                                                                         

Program 2 / A legion on their own

France – Guillaume Renusson’s All Cats Are Pink in the Dark Alice, 17, is not comfortable with her body. As she prepares for a practice interview the next day, her mother forces her to change her loose-fitting clothes for a tight skirt. Alice can’t stand it anymore and goes out of her house to get some air. There she meets Lola.

Italy – Have You Got A Minute? (Comedy) by Alessandro Bardani. A comedy about cultural and linguistic barriers. The story of Oreste and Madhi is the story of an acquaintance between two completely different people who will share a surreal journey for a moment, between memories, hopes and dreams. After all, loneliness is the only real obstacle between people.

England – Shhh … (Psychological Romance) by Nick Rizzini. Luke falls in love with a mysterious girl who is obviously attracted to him too, but avoids any verbal communication. This drives them into nonverbal communication, making them reflect on communication and what it means to live in the moment.

Bulgaria – Botev Is An Idiot (Drama) by Deyan Bararev. Vasko has written a report that questions Hristo Botev, who is regarded by the Bulgarians as a national hero. When the headmistress herself, offended by his report, interrogates him in front of the whole class, Vasko explains that he wanted to say something completely different.

Greece – Petit Flirt (Comedy) by Giannis Vournazos. Demosthenes, a shy scientist, goes to town for a conference. In a cafe she meets the beautiful and charming Eleana, a suspiciously good and willing stranger. His desire to get to know her better triggers intense erotic fantasies and causes him stress, which leads to reckless consumption of water. Its glamor combined with its over-inflated bladder, provoke a romantic encounter.

England – Finding Richard (Drama) by Rhys Davies. Hearing the discovery of Richard III’s bones, Gull begins a young boy’s own archaeological search. His assistant on this journey is his grandfather, and he is a dreamer who sees something of himself in Gull. But what Gull discovers is not what he or his grandfather expected.

Saturday, 26/05/2018 at 20:00                                                            

Program 3 / The Meadow of Dreams

Serbia – Place on Earth (Comedy) by Ana Žugić. A dreamy story of a father who, searching the basement, searching for his daughter’s suitcase, wonders if it is too late to make up for it.

Portugal – Countryside by the Sea (Animation) by André Ruivo. Once summer approaches, strange invaders occupy the beaches.

Germany / Switzerland – Alptraum (Comedy) by This Lüscher. Imagine the Swiss national football team playing in the EURO 2008 final and suddenly the television turned black. Alptraum is a comic tale about football, the dream and the belief that the impossible can become a reality.

France (Ile de Ré) – Barathon (Comedy) by Julie Lipinski. Three friends board a huge Barathon on bicycles. Nothing, however, will do as they had intended: love will overturn the rules.

Italy – Life is Everything (Comedy) by Matteo Querci. Life goes by and many people strongly argue that money and success can improve its quality, but a friend is far more important than all the money in the world.

Czech Republic – Kamila (Drama) by Nina Mikesková. Kamila is 30 years old. She still lives with her parents, and hates her job and her life. Everything looks hopeless until the young Mirek knows.

Switzerland – Carnival (Drama) by Adrienne Bovet. One Carnival Day, in a small town, Margaux, Louisa and Théo prepare to start dancing. They disguise themselves and drink a little more. Every character is expecting something different from this party. Margaux hopes to give her first true kiss. Louisa is expecting nothing more than to break the boredom cycle. Théo, his little brother and his friend want to get drunk, dance and forget. It’s another night. But the next morning, their lives will be radically changed.