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Training Program in Siena

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Teachers and trainers from different countries gathered and shared their good practices and their difficulties in teaching various forms of education: formal, informal, professional.

They didn’t stay at the medieval Siena, on the contrary the completely modern University accommodated them. Destructive schedule: 9.00-18.00 with lunch break.

It is comforting to see that he is not the only one who has difficulty with the ‘difficult’ pupils. The experiential way of approaching games brought us closer as we continued our discussions at lunch breaks in the constellations and in the evenings at the bars.

On the other hand, clearing up the terminology with the very detailed theoretical suggestions we have understood the complexity of heterogeneity. Keeping our diary in the morning while drinking coffee in our main square, we had the opportunity to think critically about what we discussed, did and felt. This method has helped to dispel within us what we already knew and to deeply understand what we have learned.

The emphasis of the program was on changing our perceptions through knowledge and empathy. From the general we went to the specialist and we were asked to work on paper specific activities. Tracing ourselves and our past brings us closer to our “other” students. It is not easy to accept in our classes the diversity of all forms. Following the first positive acceptance awaits us a lot of work. In principle, our positive attitude is given, but it is not enough. The seminar gave us the tools, good practices that will help us to change the attitudes of our students so that they will be welcomed by their new classmates.

Eleni Chodolidou, Vasilia Zografaki, Athina Papanikolaou, Lamprini Koufaki and Nela Despolari participated in the program.

The House of Europe in Rhodes participates as an associated partner in the European program “I have rights”, which aims to improve the skills of teachers working in Secondary Education in multicultural classes in the knowledge and understanding of human rights and the value of non-discrimination as well as documenting good practices to facilitate the smooth integration of immigrants and minority groups into school. The Program involves 7 partners from 6 different European Union countries. From Greece she participates in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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