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Three Days for Europe, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

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The House of Europe invites you to the 5th Week of Europe, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development, with three consecutive weekends to be held on 15, 16 and 17 March 2017 respectively.

The three-day event is co-organized with the Municipal Organization of Culture and Sport of Rhodes (DOAR), with the support of the Chamber of Dodecanese and the Museum of Neohellenic Art of the Municipality of Rhodes.


Wednesday, 15/03/2017: “Europe: Challenges and Opportunities”

“Dilemmas of Germany and its impact on Europe”

Panayiotis Kimourtzis, Associate Professor of Educational Policy and History of Education of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education,

“More or Less Europe? The White Paper on the Future of European Integration”

Panayiota Manoli, Ass. Professor of Political Economy of International Relations, and

“Europe in a complex and changing world: Deeper integration in response to the challenges of our time”

Sotiris Dalis, Ass. Professor of International Relations-International Politics and European Integration and Coordinator of the Research Unit for European and International Policy of the Department of Mediterranean Studies.

Place: Chamber of Dodecanese.

Conference’s opening at 19:30, clock time 19:15.

There will be a debate.

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Thursday, 16/07/2017: “Entrepreneurship: Discovering New Practices”

 “From Plato to the European Union’s action plan for the cyclical economy”

Giorgos Kazantzopoulos, Sustainable Development Advisor, and

“Cultural and Creative Industries: When Art meets Entrepreneurship!”

Georges Perot, Founder and General Manager of AMKE M.E.Σ.O and Founder and National Coordinator of the Greek Network of European Music Festival.

Place: Chamber of Dodecanese.

Conference’s opening at 19:30, clock time 19:15.

There will be a debate.

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Friday, 17/03/2017: “Looking for the way to new models of tourism development”

The purpose of the event is a fruitful discussion between stakeholders and citizens on how new models of tourism development, thematic tourism and other practices can enhance our tourism product and make it sustainable. There will also be placements for sports, cultural, culinary and academic tourism among others.

Place: New Wing of Nestoridiou Melathrou.

Conference’s opening at 19:30, arrival time 19:15.

A discussion will follow.

Please declare your participation:

Entrance is free at all events.

The 5th Triennial for Europe, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development takes place in the context of the commitment of the House of Europe actions to the 17 UN Global Objectives and at the same time is an official event of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for the Development of the World Tourism Organization 2017.

We warmly thank.