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Photography Competition

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The main aim of the Competition is through the photographic art to present the history, culture, nature of Greece, the environment of the urban centers and the province of Greece, to highlight various aspects of the daily life of the Greeks, their private and public life, to recreate a mosaic portrait of Greece.

The goals of the competition are

– Contribute to highlighting areas of Greece and tradition

– To highlight Greece’s “corners” and non well known areas

– Outreach to areas overseen by the media and get to know both Greeks and foreigners who did not know

Participation Terms

The photographs must have been taken in the territory of the Hellenic Republic.

Residents of Greece, as well as representatives of other countries willing to send their projects, may participate in the competition.

It also provides for the participation of artistic groups, photographic clubs, bureaus and other associations and organizations, whether branched or not.

Only photos by their creators are accepted. Candidates who are suspected of falsification are excluded and excluded from the Contest.

Participation in the competition automatically provides for its consent to the use and utilization of its works in exhibitions and their publication in the results catalog of the Competition and on the organizers’ websites. The copyright is protected, and the name of the author of the photos is mentioned in the exhibitions and directory.

Participation in this competition does not require any financial contribution.

Conditions of competition

Photographs are accepted in electronic form, which will be sent to in jepg format with a resolution of at least 2000 pixels.

-The maximum number of submitted photos is one photo per participant.

There are no time limitations for the submitted projects. Photos can be modified with various image editors.

The participating creators declare their personal information as follows:

Name, surname, surname (full details), age or name of participating organization

Name of photo, date and place created. It should be accompanied by a small text to describe it (up to 250 characters)

Participant’s country and area of ​​residence.

Brief description of the participant’s experience in the art of photography.

Mobile or landline phone, email address.

Other information which the participant may wish to submit.

Photos may be rejected in the following cases:

They are irrelevant to the subject of the Contest

They have low artistic level and low quality

If the submitted works are characterized by elements of violence, racism and religious hatred

The procedure of the Competition

The Photography Competition starts on April 1, 2017 and ends on April 15, 2017

Competition Stages

1) Submission of projects for participation in the Tender, 1st April 2017 and ends on 15th April 2017

2) Evaluation of the projects submitted by the committee responsible and selection of the 10 best photos in public evaluation.

3) Presentation of the 10 best photos on the website of the network and their promotion on social networks with the vote open to the public.

4) Organizing and organizing the exhibition of the finalists of our Competition in the context of the national network meeting in Rhodes in May 2017 and inviting the top 3 who went through the final phase. (travel, accommodation and food costs will be covered by the organizers).

5) Award the best photo during the national meeting.

Photos will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Identification with the theme

Idea and content originality

Artistic level of work, style, expressiveness

Technique and quality of execution

Photos for the Contest and personal information are sent to the Organizing Committee at

At the end of the competition, an album will be printed with the photos that took part in the competition, which will be distributed to members of the network who will distribute it in their respective regions. The top 10 photos will be printed and will make their way to Greece at regular exhibitions.