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Premiere of the 7th Eurochannel Festival

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Today is the premiere of the 7th Eurochannel Festival in Rhodes, on the theme of Our Favorite Family. The Festival is organized in Rhodes by the House of Europe in Rhodes, in collaboration with the US network Eurochannel, a body dedicated exclusively to European content and European producers and artists.

In total, the 7th Festival program includes 43 short films, one from every corner of Europe, focusing on the Family, and how this institution affects and impacts the lives of the average European in every corner of Old Epirus.

The screenings will take place February 15-22, 2017 at 20:00 at Pallas Cinema. There is a symbolic entrance fee of 2 €, with the proceeds being spent on maintaining the home of the House of Europe in Rhodes and turning it into an open cultural space, accessible year-round to islanders and visitors.

The program of the first days is:

Wednesday, 15/02/2017, 20:00, Pallas Cinema Thematic

Section 1: Children are alright

  • For his sake, 2014 – Louis Lagayette, United Kingdom (17 ‘- Drama). For His Grace is the true story of Jennifer, a teenage mother who lives in Liverpool. Her son Tom appears to be suffering from leukemia. They struggle to survive and she asks for Rebecca’s help, a social worker. Rebecca soon realizes that Jennifer hides something.
  • Thanks Marcus, 2012 – Marianne Viard, France (12 ‘- Comedy). Times are tough; the economic crisis strikes everyone, even those who considered themselves privileged. Vaiolet, an unemployed actor, is in search of a new artistic principle. He has written a script and is trying hard to put it into production. Her usually supportive husband also faces difficulties. Being under pressure between her husband and her two children who keep her busy day and night, Vaiolet tries a subversive method to make money: she rents her own children to help men find love …
  • Children, 2014 – Urška Djukić, Slovenia (12 ‘- Animation Drama). A pilot episode of a trendy youth television series approaching the medium of cinema with a fresh look combines live action with cartoon characters of the main character, the young Sasha, confronted with the ultimate female question.
  • Happy Birthday, 2013 – Massimo Terranova, Italy (9 ‘- Dramatic). Antonio Navarra is the rich and elderly president of the Navarro Oil Company. Just on the eve of his 80th birthday, he remembers the hot summer’s birthday party of 1938. That day his family was killed by fascist officials. By chance Antonio was the only one who survived. Today, just before his death, he can think of nothing but how that day’s course could change.
  • Julia, 2012 – Nora Burlet and Maud Neve, Belgium (8 ‘- Dramatic). In a cold winter morning, 12 years old Julia peeks out a door. On her mind the memory of her mother’s lover, a vision of the night before. Or was it her father?
  • Family Portrait, 2013 – Birgit Scholin, Austria (4 ‘- Dramatic). A prehistoric tomb at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna still remains a secret from archaeologists. It contains a man and a woman with four children of different ages. Their attitude shows that they were probably buried alive. Birgie Scholin’s cartoon takes the story into a family bed.

Thursday, 16/02/2017, 20:00, Pallas Cinema

Theme 2: Curious Toys

  • Homer’s Illness, 2012 – Dianne Valsonne, France (12 ‘- Comedy). Mrs Auror and the Sako family are neighbors. One night, the old lady doesn’t answer when 9-year-old Adama knocks on her door. The Sako family and Hassarn the caretaker find her sleeping. When she wakes up, Lady Auror confuses the Sako family with her! No one dares to challenge her except Adama.
  • Second thoughts, 2012 – Ivan Charalambous, Cyprus (8′-Comedy). An unhappy married screenwriter struggles to write a romantic scene … Girls’ Day, 2013 – Susan Begar, Spain (10′-Drama) Today is the girls’ day out, everything is allowed … But don’t forget that this is just a game …
  • Mother, 2013 – Otto Kylmala, Finland (11 ‘Drama). Mother tries to reconnect with her son Elias after a long absence in a psychiatric center. Elias asks her to tell him his favorite fairy tale. As the mother narrates, Elias closes his eyes and travels with his imagination. He imagines himself in a barn, warmed by the snow of the cows. The sweet fantasy ends with a painful memory, with Elias losing the image of his mother fearing that he will lose it forever.
  • Game of Life, 2013 – Annabelle Milot, France (11 ‘- Drama). Antoine, a young computer expert, has dedicated his life to computer games. One weekend, when he returns his daughter Julia back to his former wife, who has her custody, an unexpected event confronts the virtual world with reality …
  • The Idea of ​​Bernice, 2013 – Eleonora Albrecht, Italy (14 ‘- Drama). Thee and Bernice are cousins. They are very different in appearance and behavior. Jea is lonely and introverted, suffering from jealousy and possessiveness towards Bernice, who is bright and full of life. Little by little, Jea begins to psychologically manipulate her into Bernice, until her obsession becomes a reality.
  • I Believe You, 2015 – Margarita Grant, England (8 ‘- Comedy). At a suburban household, the care of a family is left to an abstract and clumsy father.

Friday, 17/02/2017, 20:00, Pallas Cinema

Topic: Let’s go!

  • Saint Bamako – Africa, 2013 – Frederic Jofre, France (14 ‘- Drama, Comedy). A dream come true for Jibril and Ali, the Malian team, who have a chance to win the race for Saint Bamako Africa for the first time. Going from dream to nightmare, Ali and Jibril learn that the boundary is often tight when confronted with the clash of cultures.
  • All That, 2012 – Branislav Millanovic, Montenegro (27 ‘Drama). Danilo’s boyfriend from school dies. His father wants to distract the boy away from his funeral as a class president by taking a day trip. For the father, getting his child fishing away from unpleasant experiences, such as a funeral, becomes much more difficult than he expected.
  • Atonement, 2014 – Mirna Dizdarević, Bosnia (11 ‘- Drama). Olga (54) and Goran (28) at first seem like two very common, but find themselves in a situation in which both are forced to return to the past and seek atonement.
  • Flash, 2015 – Evelina Barsegian, Armenia (11 ‘- Drama). Nastia cannot forgive herself for the fact that her father died alone. She punishes herself by alienating herself from life: she moves away from friends, leaves the university and also lets the man she loves … Once in the cemetery, Nastia faces an experience that makes her realize she cannot confront sadness alone.
  • Occasionally Shower, 2015 – Kaveh Daneshmand, Czech Republic (10 ‘- Drama). On an intense journey with his wife and daughter, an anxious husband struggles to keep his shaken family knit. But while the clouds of the storm are gathering, they try to lower the roof of their car.
  • Personal Development, 2014 – Tom Sullivan, Ireland (16 ‘- Drama). The newly separated Fiddah has a frantic relationship with his daughter, who is in a bigger test with the arrival of some unexpected youngsters.