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Conclusion of the 7th Eurochannel Short Film Festival

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The 7th Eurochannel Short Film Festival of the House of Europe in Rhodes is completed, with the last three days of screening. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 20-22 February at 20:00 in the Pallas cinema, the last two sections of the film festival and the films I Believe Here and the Shining Sun by Vasilis Loule.

Monday, 20/02/2017

Thematic unit: When I grow up

Leaving the House, 2013 – Joost Lieuwma, The Netherlands (7 ‘Animation)

When the Father decided that Richard was big enough to leave his home, he sent him out to the world. Richard continues to return home, every time and in a more peculiar way. Somehow, it seems to be emotionally tied to the house. But when an unfortunate change happens in life, Richard is forced to stand on his feet.

You Cannot Do It All At Once, But You Can Free Them All, 2013 – Marie-Elsa Sgualdo, Switzerland (15 ‘- Drama)

Everything started on a couch. She saw her get rid of her and made love for the first time.

Prisoners, 2014 – Margarida Madeira, Portugal (7 ‘- Animation)

Ivo now lives outside the Walls, but he would rather be through These, where his mother and his little brother are. Sérgio lives through the Walls, but his sister was outside of These. Is the house inside or outside These Walls? On what side is freedom?

The Artist of Hunger, 2014 – Pedram Fuladian-Dahl, Sweden (11 ‘- Drama)

A different look at how emotions can withstand the passage of time. Daniel’s mother is approaching strangers in shopping malls and pushing them to buy her a lunch. The feeling of shame has followed him for a long period of his life – Daniel remembers his mother’s strange efforts since being a child, and how she was tortured and agitated because of her strange behavior. But as Daniel learns to see the world at the sight of his mother, he has one choice – either to stop it or to accept it for what it is.

Salty & Sweet, 2011 – Polly Guentcheva, Bulgaria (12 ‘- Drama)

The story of a father and young son found in an unusual situation – they are only on Christmas Eve, and they have to celebrate without their husband and mother. The two of them try to rediscover the hope as well as the path to the other. This night is a revelation of spirit and mind, a healing of souls and a finding of hope in the institution of the family.

Heavyweight, 2014 – Jesper Quistgaard, Denmark (16 ‘- Drama)

Liam, an unmarried father, has difficulty managing the idealistic look of his six-year-old son, Oliver, for the job he is doing. Oliver loves everything that has to do with police officers and heroes, so he believes Liam is a police officer who punishes bad guys. But to be superhero, it seems to be far from the truth, when in reality you are a trafficker, where the threats of irritated drivers are part of your everyday life. Liam therefore avoids the truth, and in general, Oliver’s often talk about the possibility of going with him one day at work. Influenced by Oliver’s ideology, Liam attempts to do something heroic, a situation that takes an unexpected turn.

Tuesday, 21/02/2017

Apart from an official program, two short films of Greek production, “I Belong Here” and “Shining Helios”, by Vasilis Loule, will be on Rhodes for a series of film seminars organized by the Rhodes Project Rhodes Project Center for Historical and Social Studies.

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Wednesday, 22/02/2017

Thematic section: The first day of the rest of your life

At least you know, 2014 – Arthur Lecouturier, Belgium (19 ‘- Drama)

Twenty-one-year-old Alexandra isolates herself from the outside world. It is hidden to overcome the difficulty it faces. And, just like her life, her pain is unpredictable.

Rails, 2014 – Panagiotis Haramis, Greece (9, Drama)

Dimitris, a long-term unemployed man close to 60 who suffers from a serious illness, is pushed to his limits, heavily beaten by the economic crisis – a small town in Drama, in northern Greece.

The Class of Things, 2010 – César Esteban Alenda & José Esteban Alenda, Spain (20 ‘- Drama)

Julia’s life happens in her bathtub. With every drop that falls, it will gain the courage to change the order of things.

Slovakia, 2009 – Matthew Szymanowski, Slovakia (22 ‘- Drama)

A woman on the verge of the crisis is captured by the charm of a beautiful, young home appliance seller despite her theoretically stable family life.

It Will Be Brilliant, Still …, 2009 – Lina Lužytė, Lithuania (21 ‘- Drama)

The year is 1992. Lithuania is already independent. The people of the country celebrate their regained freedom and enjoy the imports that fill the shops, which they used to be empty during the Soviet times. However, the time of “shortcomings” has not yet come to an end…