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7th Eurochannel Festival – Schedule 4-5

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The 7th Eurochannel Short Film Festival continues from the House of Europe in Rhodes, every night at 20:00, until 22/02/2017, at Pallas Cinema.

Saturday, 18/02/2017

Topic: Family Affairs

Limits, 2013 – Dijana Miadenovic, Croatia (13 ‘- Drama)

We are in 1992. The war is raging in Croatia. The new government is forcibly evicting the “inappropriate” from their apartments. In a sudden eviction, Ivan and Vesna are on opposite sides of the conflict. This is a film about citizen power and the passive majority.

The Easy Life, 2010 – Jullen Rouyet, Switzerland (22 ‘- Drama)

Catherine, a young woman trying hard to defend her comfortable life and its advantages, faces a threat to her easy life due to the appearance of her new girlfriend. Catherine lives in her father’s villa. One night, he brings home a young woman becoming more and more powerful. Catherine will try to get rid of the latter so she can regain her privileges.

Grandpa’s creditor, 2014 – Beka Silkharulidze, Georgia (17 ‘- Comedy)

A family of scammers watches the funeral of wealthy people they saw in the newspaper. Then, they visit these families by telling them how their dead owed money.

The Guide, 2013 – Guido Van Driel, the Netherlands (10 ‘- Drama)

The private driver, Robert, takes a child from a school yard. They spend their whole day together in the safe environment of the car and share a moment of coexistence.

Jazz, 2014 – Mircea Ibadof, Romania (15 ‘- Drama)

A father chases the American Dream. A son stands on his way. When a decision is supposed to be based on the truth, how can one decide correctly when the truth is just one prospect?

Dad, 2013 – Girlin Bassovskaja, Estonia (16 ‘- Drama)

A mother tries to keep a broken family united. It is an almost impossible task if the other side does not make the same effort. There was only imagination and hope to get caught, that this person is alive or that it may be.

Sunday, 19/02/2017

Thematic section: We are family

Short, 2013 – Sanne Vogel, The Netherlands (13 ‘- Drama)

Seventeen-year-old Arend lives with his parents, and has not yet revealed that he is gay. His first step in the gay erotic world is an appointment with beautiful Michael, a man he met on a homosexual dating site. They arrange to meet and Arend goes to the other side of the erotic world just to discover Michael is not exactly what he imagined.

Dreams in a Tricycle, 2013 – Dario Samuele Leone, Italy (17 ‘- Drama)

Catherina is a forty-five-year-old Italian who has been unemployed for months and cannot find a job. So she accepts to work as a caregiver for George, an elderly but energetic Romanian who finds himself in a wheelchair. This experience will change her life.

Piove, 2013 – Lu Pulici & Francesco Zucchi, Italy (16 ‘- Comedy)

It’s a day like all the others for Tony Bianchi, a respected doctor in a small village – amidst his work, his barber talk and a bar game, the doctor follows his own personal routine, interfered with by “unexpected” meetings with various characters of the country. These encounters will lead him to confront what his role really is in this small and strange world. And then, as consistent as it used to be, the rain comes.

Bait & Hooks, 2014 – Luka Popadić, Serbia (10 ‘- Comedy)

A black comedy influenced by the Czech new wave movie stream about the transition of two workers to an old factory from socialism to capitalism. It is a sweet short film about friendship, cooking, and a generation of workers who have to face the drastic changes of their society.

Four Tails, 2014 – Christopher Villiers, United Kingdom / Hungary (25 ‘- Comedy)

Four friends meet to ride their dogs every day in Hampstead Heath, London. There they reveal their hopes, their dreams, and their fears in some unusual way. All of them are looking for love, but maybe the perfect man doesn’t exist … maybe again, heading to Hampstead Heath.

Tsunami, 2008 – Shaqir Veseli, Albania (7 ‘- Animation Drama)

A tsunami represents a tremendous force capable of destroying nature, as intrigues destroy human consciousness.

Choir Tour, 2012 – Edmunds Jansons, Latvia (5 ‘- Animation)

A world-famous choir of boys goes on tour, and, under the direction of their serious master and teacher, is an obedient musical instrument. But when left alone without attention, they are just children. When they arrive in Seoul, the maestro is accidentally trapped in a lift, and the boys are left alone.