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Laboratory in Estonia: Expression in Dialogue

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The House of Europe in Rhodes participates as a national partner in the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Expressions in Dialogue program, which will host an intensive training seminar on the Live Libraries in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The seminar will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, February 19-26, 2017.

The program briefly

The “Expressions in Dialogue” program aims at intercultural dialogue and degrading prejudices through the implementation of Live Libraries actions. These actions encourage interaction and debate, bringing local communities closer, through the local content they have. To achieve this goal, a group of “spores” from the Euro-Mediterranean communities will be trained to be able to analyze the challenges of an influential intercultural dialogue and develop skills related to Living Libraries based on the principles of Intercultural Citizenship Education.

The “Expressions in Dialogue” program will train new leaders, educators and activists in the implementation of such Living Libraries within local societies as a tool to promote intercultural dialogue in the wider Euro-Mediterranean area.

Capacity building

The main action is to develop relevant skills through an intensive training seminar to be held in Estonia on education on Intercultural Citizenship Education and Live Libraries. The seminar will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from 19 to 26 February 2017 (arrival / departure dates). Through the seminar, two representatives of each national organization (or its partners) will be trained in intercultural skills and the Live Libraries method.

They should then, in cooperation with the National Agency, conduct at least one Live Libraries action between March and August 2017, focusing on intercultural citizenship.

The program will be completed in September 2017 with the final meeting of the Coordinators and the evaluation of the results in Jordan.

Characteristics of participant

The seminar is designed for a group of twenty young leaders, youth workers, local active citizens and teachers who already have some experience in working on intercultural dialogue. Individuals from Estonia, Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Catalonia, Turkey and Egypt will participate, ensuring a wider European and Mediterranean dimension and exchange of experiences and practices from totally different realities in the approach of intercultural dialogue. Participants should work in this intercultural environment and develop relevant strategies for their actors and local communities, as within the program the national bodies will have to conduct Live Libraries in their local community.

Seminar organizer

The seminar is hosted by Trajectorya, a non-cedar, non-party, non-governmental organization. It was established to promote lifelong learning and non-formal education as a means of enhancing human dignity and intercultural dialogue. Trajectorya provides training and counseling services to non-governmental organizations and educational institutions working with young, educational and adult learners. More at:

Selection process

The participants from Greece will be selected from the House of Europe in Rhodes, with the aim of finalizing a balanced group (gender, experiences, cultural background and organizations). Priority will be given to participants coming from the ranks of the members of the House of Europe in Rhodes or associates with it. Two seats are only available.

Terms and conditions of participation

  • Participants are responsible for the booking, purchase and payment of their air tickets to and from Tallinn. The program covers 70% of the airline and public transport (train, bus) for a total cost of 300 €, meaning up to 210 €. Only participants attending the whole program are entitled to compensation.
  • Accommodation and nutrition for the duration of the program are covered by the organizers.
  • The program has a participation fee of 35 €.
  • Participants commit to hold at least one live library session in Rhodes in March-August 2017.

For entries: download and fill in the Application Form and send it in .doc or .docx (Word) form to: by noon on 5 January 2017 at the latest.