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From Imbros to Kastellorizo

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The Hellenic Foundation for Historical Studies and the House of Europe in Rhodes, co-organizers of the Municipal Cultural and Sports Organization of Rhodes and the Rhodes International Culture & Heritage Society, with the support of the Epidaurus of Antiquities of Dodecanese, present a two-day screening entitled “From Imbros to Kastellorizo ​​”.

The screenings will take place on 18 and 19 May 2016 at the Spanish Lodge (Knights Street) at 20:00 with free admission.

18/5/2016 – View of the historical documentary “Imbros-Tenedos, Memories and Letters”. In the historical documentary “Imbros-Tenedos: Memories and Oblivion”, the history and culture of the islands are recorded and presented, through the testimonies of their native inhabitants.

Directed by: Irene Sarioglou – Panos Angelopoulos

Music: Andreas Katsigiannis

Poetry: Dim. K. Papakonstantinou

Song: Giorgos Dalaras – Zülfü Livaneli

Qualification at the 6th International Film Festival of London (October 7, 2013) – October 2013, London

19/5/2016 – Viewing the historical documentary “At the edge of the Aegean, Kastellorizo”. A historical documentary- it is a retrospective of the turbulent history of the small island community of borderland Kastellorizo, the ancient Megisti, which reflects the main historical events from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. This tribute is a tribute to the history of the island as it attempts to highlight the great cultural, historical and economic heritage of the Kastellorizia.

Directed by: Irene Sarioglou – Angelos Kovotsos

Music: Andreas Katsigiannis

Lyrics: Eleni Fotaki

Song: Giorgos Dalaras

Narrative: Nena Menti – Giorgos

Center Art Director: Pavlos Hamidis

The documentary about Kastellorizo ​​is based on the book “At the Edge of the Aegean Sea, Kastellorizo at 1890-1948” by Nicholas G. Papanastasiou and Nikolaos K. Vogiatzis. It is a historical album of Kastellorizo. A narrative, through rich photographic material and commentaries, of the turbulent history and culture of Kastellorizo ​​from 1890 to 1948.

Organization: Hellenic Foundation for Historical Studies, House of Europe in Rhodes

Co-organizers: Municipal Cultural and Sports Organization of Rhodes, Rhodes International Culture & Heritage Society

The site is provided by the Ministry of Culture and Sports – Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese.

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