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It was a Magnificent Night

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

In a unique area, at Da Club, on the D. Theodoraki pedestrian walkway, the well-established cutting of the House of Europe in Rhodes took place. An unexpected attendance of youth that gives the assurance that the House will go great forward.

The event was attended by Haroula Yassirani, South Aegean Regional Adviser on Volunteerism and European Programs, Sergios Aivazis, President of the Municipal Sports and Culture Organization of Rhodes, on behalf of the Mayor of Rhodes, representatives of clubs and of course many members and friends of the House . Greetings were sent by the MP of the Dodecanese, Manos Konsolas, and Panagiotis Kounakis, Regional Councilor of the South Aegean, on issues of entrepreneurship.

The father of the Holy Father, Antonios the Father, who carried the blessings of the Metropolitan of Rhodes, served the prayer for the cutting of the basilica. Kyrillos, and talked about the example of Rhodes for Europe as a society that, through dialogue, understanding and love, was built with its present multicultural characteristics through the centuries.

Home President Michalis Kavuklis spoke very little about the course of the House in 2015 and focused on the presentation of the House Vision for 2016, inviting members and friends to support this effort. Specifically, following the review of the Statute of the House by the Extraordinary General Assembly on January 11, the House focuses on the triptych: Extraversion / Participation / Open House.

Members and friends had the opportunity to help the House’s work by participating in the rich farmhouse and with extraordinary contributions. Each voucher corresponded to gifts provided by our sponsors and members, and according to the amount of the levy, the attendees received a gift from our House, bookmark, magnet or mug. Finally, they had the opportunity to state that they wanted to be actively involved in the new structure of the Home.