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Board of Directors resolution on the death of Nicholas Panagiotopoulos

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

With extreme sorrow we were informed by the local press of the death of the Director of Cinematography “Pallas” Nicholas Panagiotopoulos, at the age of 52. The House of Europe Governing Council in Rhodes met in an unusual manner and unanimously decided to issue and communicates to the media this resolution, with little sign of gratitude to the face of the tutelage and expressing our warmest condolences to our relatives and colleagues in the cinema “Pallas “.

Nicholas Panagiotopoulos was a real man of civilization that ideally combined business culture and intellectual anxiety. His love for 7th Art had made him the creator of a cinematic multipurpose space with top tech equipment, a pride for Rhodes and himself. Nikos’ “Pallas” was the place for the enjoyment of top films, performances, but also a space open to the local community, which hosted dozens of small and big events that chose cinema as a means of their message. And Nikos of Pallas was the hospitable host, the voice that welcomed you before your detention, the warm presence that welcomed you. Always as House of Europe in Rhodes we were happy to collaborate with Nikos Panagiotopoulos for the realization of the Eurochannel Short Film Festival, in whose face we found an honest, warm, moral and pure partner.

Our warmest wishes, again, to our intimates for their loss.

For the Board of Directors,

The president Michael G. Kavuklis

The Secretary Magdalini P. Tsourdiou