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Protocol Meetings under the RhodesMRC 2015

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

A series of very important meetings was held by a delegation of the RhodesMRC 2015 conference with our city’s representatives.

In particular, on Monday, October 12, 2015, a three-member delegation consisting of the President of the House of Europe in Rhodes and the Head of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on the Simulation of Regional International Organizations in Rhodes, Michalis Kavuklis, the Secretary General of the Congress for 2015, Manos Kalaidzis, and the Secretary of the House and Assistant Secretary General of the 2015 Congress, Magdalen Tsourdi, visited the Aegean University and the South Aegean Region.

At the University of the Aegean they had a meeting with the President of the Department of Mediterranean Studies, Ioannis Seimenis, who talked about the decisive role of the local university community in the successful holding of the conference, as a result of almost all volunteers. In addition, they discussed the organized Model Group United Nations Group, which in addition to RhodesMRC participates in missions to other relevant conferences in Greece and abroad, such as ThessISMUN, EuroPaS and MUNIST. It is worth mentioning that RhodesMRC started from the House of Europe in Rhodes in collaboration with the Department of Mediterranean Studies during the previous term of Mr. Seimenis as President. Mr. Seimenis confirmed the further support of the conference by the Department, as well as through his capacity as President of the Rhodes Institute of the Law of the Sea.

The three-member delegation then met with Vice-Rector of International Relations at the University of the Aegean, Spyros Syropoulos. Mr. Syropoulos stressed the importance of the Homework for himself and the Rector’s authorities, with RhodesMRC being the top event and congratulating the organizers for this year’s predicted success with the record of entries. In addition, he proposed to further strengthen the cooperation of the University of the Aegean with the House of Europe in Rhodes, no longer at local but central level, so that all students of the University benefit from the actions of the Home and at the same time the House to receive prospective participants and potential partners and other parts of this unique university. Finally, the President of the House, Mr Kavuklis, suggested that this cooperation should go even further and the House’s actions such as RhodesMRC, in which the University participates as a co-organizer, to permanently join the University’s added value in its international visibility, and his participation in international formations such as the Euro-Mediterranean University.

In the South Aegean Region, the delegation met with Haroula Yassirani, Regional Adviser on Volunteerism and Regional Programs. In addition to the thanksgiving to support the Region and congratulations on the success of this year’s event, the need for further involvement of the Region in support of the conference was discussed, with the aim of attracting and actively involving students from all the islands of the Region, as this academic level events rarely take place in our islands, and rarely the opportunity is given to participating students to experience similar experiences and to add to their resume international conferences, before they even graduate.

On Tuesday, 13/10/2015, the Treasurer of the House, Stavros Chrysochos, was added to the delegation. After the established press conference, the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Terri Hatziioannou, there was a long working meeting with the Mayor of Rhodes, Fotis Hatzidiako. The Mayor of Rhodes once again confirmed the outstanding importance the Municipal Authority has given to similar events and was proud that a small initial institution such as RhodesMRC was developing at one of the major conferences in the Eastern Mediterranean. For his part, House President Michalis Kavuklis thanked Mr. Hatzidiako for his support and for the excellent cooperation that all the agencies and services of the Municipality of Rhodes demonstrated so that this year’s conference, despite its triple size, organized without any particular difficulties.