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6th Eurochannel Short Film Festival

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».

The House of Europe in Rhodes, with the support of the Municipal Cultural and Sports Organization of Rhodes and the Rhodes Theme Club, organizes five special screenings with selected films from the 6th Eurochannel Short Film Festival.

41 small masterpieces of European Cinema are projected in five-hour units, in the original language and with English subtitles, addressed to the international audience of Rhodes, English-speaking residents and tourists.

Central themes of the films: Young people in Europe. Young people have always had a powerful role in shaping history. From literature to music and cinema, the passion for change and the diverse view of the world make them constantly pioneers and alternative to lifestyle. Their contribution to understanding the impact of change in the world is more important than ever, especially in times of political and economic change. As young people are the largest population in many areas, their role in shaping home culture is vital, as is the way in which the world is portrayed through images in cinema.

Schedule 31/08/2015

Happily ever after, for another year (Spain, Catalonia)

The Anvil (France, Franche Comte)

Jesus Stopped at Gyzi (Greece) Epitaphs (Spain, Ba Jadoz)

Hakuna Matata (Italy, Reggio Calabria)

The Last Trip of Emile (France, Jura)

Hosanna (Poland) Schedule 01/09/2015

The Gift of the Magi (Bulgaria)

Sevilla (Netherlands: Noord-Brabant)

Eyeline (Northern Ireland)

Art Gallery (Germany, Stuttgart)

Somebody Loves You (Armenia)

If (Albania)

Nurture (UK, Scotland)

Margerita (Italy)

Private Sale (Spain, Bilbao)

Program 02/09/2015

The Sound of People (Ireland)

Through You (Netherlands: Utrecht)

Little Darling (Croatia)

Gypsy (Portugal)

Phony War (France: Bourgogne)

Cat in the bag (Latvia / Estonia)

The Swimmer (Lithuania)

Ronaldo (Switzerland, German Region)

The Pick-up Artist (Germany, Berlin)

The rest of the screenings will take place on 31 August, 01, 02/09/2015 at 21:00 at the “Ρόδον” Summer Cinema Theater.

Free entrance.