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The House of Europe in Rhodes supports the nomination of Rhodes to become cultural capital of Europe 2021

The administrative council of the house of Europe in Rhodes has taken the initiative for the city to become a candidate for cultural capital of Europe in the year of 2021. To accomplish its goal the council decided to do whatever possible, using their international influence and power which led them into sending a letter to the man responsible for this task the deputy mayor of Rhodes mister Teri Xajioanu. In this letter you can find all the reasons that make the city of Rhodes such a great choice.  Its history , its cultural heritage , its European dimension in  which the house of Europe in Rhodes  has played a significant  role by organizing and participating in more than 250 actions throughout its  15 years of operation. The house has been awarded multiple times for a lot of these actions and has excelled no matter the problems it has been dealing due to low baguette as it doesn’t receive any funding like other houses.

Due to the celebrations for the day of Europe (5-9 May 2015) and the 15 anniversary of the house’s foundation the president and secretary of EUNET, Robert Shuman and Thomas Heckeberg with the general director of the European Center, Richard Stock will visit the island.