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Europe against Fanaticism and Islamophobia- Three Day Events

The House of Europe in Rhodes organizes a “Three Day Events” for Europe, Εntrepreneurship and Agricultural Economy, which will start on Thursday, 05/02  at 19:00, at the AKTAION Hall.

The financial crisis, the tragic events in France, the murderous attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine and all that has followed, motivates us to discuss again and redefine the foundations on which the European Union is built. What is the multicultural Europe? Are there any restrictions on freedom of speech? How does fanaticism affect Europe today? Is Islamophobia a present danger?

Four speakers will be asked to answer four questions, attempting to shed light on these critical questions through their own unique experiences and personal beliefs. The speakers will be the assistant Professor of the Aegean University Dionysis Gouvias, the lawyer Gabriel Haritos, Nagme Rohan and the cartoonist Vangelis Pavlidis.

The event is dedicated to the memory of the dead of Charlie Hebdo, with the support of the Municipality of Rhodes and DERMAE. See also

The Events:

Friday, 06/02/2015- Alternative forms of Entrepreneurship & New approaches to tourism product. We search for new business models, learn about the Social Cooperative Enterprises and examples of diversification of the tourism product. At Aktaion, 19:00:

Saturday, 07/02/2015- Agricultural Economy: Opportunities and Examples. We will learn about the old and new examples of rural economy, good practices, trends and opportunities. In collaboration with the Cultural Group Apollona “New Horizons.” At Apollonon Hall:

Free transporation. For more information call 2241030486.

Free entry.

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