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Alternative forms of Entrepreneurship, Νew approaches to tourism product and Rural Economy: Opportunities and Examples


The House of Europe in Rhodes, organizes a conference on “Alternative Forms of Entrepreneurship & New approaches to tourism product”, on Thursday 05/02, in Aktaion.

Through four speeches, on friday, 06/02, at 19:00, in Aktaion, we will seek new business models, we will learn about the Social Cooperative Enterprises and we will know examples of diversification of the tourism product. The conference will open the lawyer Irene Chatziantoniou with a brief presentation on the new institution of the Social Cooperative Enterprises. Then we will learn about the the Rhodian Center of Historical and Social Research.

The Rhodian Center of Historical and Social Research – Rhodes Project was established in Rhodes as a Social Cooperative Corporation aimed to conduct social history research and innovation diffusion of exported information. The financing of the company results from the provision of services of study at universities abroad and the participation in research programs. The project will be presented by Ioannis Papageorgiou.

The presentation of the business activity When in Greece will follow. When in Greece is a Greek travel brand founded in 2014 by a group of architects. The aim of the brand is to satisfy the demands of the modern traveler for high quality products and modern design. The design team of When In Greece tried to highlight the main cultural imprints of Rhodes island. Chrysa Trivilou is representing the team and she’s going to present the business activity at the conference.

Finally, Stergos Stergakis will present Throne of Helios. The “Throne of the Helios” is a place of culture and entertainment that includes a projection entertainment room of nine dimensions 9D. Throne of Helios is still possible to accommodate temporary exhibitions, seminars, workshops, book presentations, etc.

The coordinator will be Magdalene Tsourdiou.

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The last conference of the Three Days Events will take place at Apollona village, in collaboration with the Cultural Group of Apollona “New Horizons”. The purpose of the conference is to meet old and new examples of rural economy, good practices and learn more about trends and opportunities. The participants will have the opportunity to have a guided tour of the Folklore Museum of the village.

The coordinator will be Anna Charitou.

The conferences are organized with the support of the Municipality of Rhodes.

The entrance is free to the public.


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