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Knowing Europe: Italy


The House of Europe in Rhodes launches the action “Knowing Europe” with a relaxed evening dedicated to Italy.

The aim of the action “Knowing Europe” is participants to learn about the countries of the European Union, through their music, gastronomy, and the exchange of experiences between the attendees in a relaxed night, specially prepared by the members of the House.

Every time will be selected the country holding the Presidency of the European Council. So, after Italy who held the presidency this semester, the first half of 2015 will take place an evening dedicated to Latvia and the second half to Luxembourg.

On Friday, November 14th, at 19:30, members and friends of the House of Europe who wish to learn a little better Italy, will gather at the House of Europe in Rhodes, they will taste Italian drinks and cocktail snacks, they will discuss their Italian experiences, while watching pictures from Italy and they will listen to known and unknown songs and melodies from the rich Italian musical tradition.

The objective is the warm and welcoming environment of the House to contribute so as to know better a country which has decisively participated in the formation of European civilization, through Renaissance, great painters, sculptors and scientists, composers and strong presence in every important moment of the European history.

Entrance: 5,00 euro

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