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European’s Parliament Elections 2014

The European Information Centre in Rhodes in collaboration with the House of Europe in Rhodes, organized a seminar entitled: “European Elections 2014: Institutional and policy changes for the future of the EU”, on Wednesday 7th of May 2014 at Aktaion Hall.

The event was opened by the director of the European Information Centre Mr. Costas Zifos and the president of the House of Europe, Mr. Michael Kavouklis.

The head of the European Parliament Office in Greece, Leonidas Antonakopoulos gave a speech via teleconference, referring to the challenge and the importance of our participation in the European elections.

Magdalene Tsourdiou, member of the Board and head of the Youth Committee of the House of Europe in Rhodes, clearly presented the new structure of the European Union, the new institutions and their relations as agreed and came into force with the Treaty of Lisbon.

Sotiris Dalis, Lecturer in International Relations-International Affairs and European Integration at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, Aegean University, described the political dimensions of the elections at the European level, the opportunity to reduce the democratic deficit in the EU, the risks and bleak situations in which the EU has come after the great enlargement of 2004, introversion and mismanagement of the financial crisis.

An intense debate has followed, where many views and approaches to the problems and the future of the EU, the lack of vision and decisive leadership had been heard. The candidate of DIMAR, Manolis Savvis attended the conference.

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