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4th Short Film Festival of EuroChannel


The 4th Festival of Short Films of Euro Channel is hosted for the first time in Greece by the House of Europe in Rhodes and promises a magical journey through 58 unique filmmakers from all corners of Europe.

It will be unique journey that will last seven days, from 3rd to April 9th 2014, every night at 20:00 in Cinema Palace.

The Films:

Thursday, 3rd of April/ 20:00
1. Life is a dream
ALPtraum (Switzerland), Clown Heart (Italy: Puglia), Edina (Bosnia-Herzegovina), The Ring Theory (North Ireland), The Slovenian Way (Slovenia), Bastagon (Austria), Dear Mr. Starr (Germany: Thuringia), Water Lilies in Bloom (Norway)

Friday, 4th of April/ 20:00
2. Smile, Camera, Action
The Baby (Austria), Barracuda (Italy: Lombardia), It’s my turn (Turkey), 20 years old master (Albania), Farewell part 2 (Croatia), Dancers (Spain), My life as a trailer (Sweden)

Saturday, 5th of April/ 20:00
3. Family
Bye Dad, bye Mom (Spain), Lena and me (Κosovo), Playing with death (Spain), Run of the mill (Denmark), War (Italy: Lazio), I am Gay (Sweden/Greece), Human Carrier (France)

Sunday, 6th of April/ 20:00
4. Life is sweet
Dessert (Czech Republic), Edward in Wonderland (France), Sugar (Netherlands), Salt and vinegar (Scotland/Germany), Marie Umbrella (Luxembourg), Great expectations (Romania), Sugar hearts (Spain: Alicante), He who had invented all this (Georgia), Chasing your shadow (England), Stivania (Greece)

Monday, 7th of April/ 20:00
5. Lost in Europe
Try on (Latvia), Miracles in Armenia (Armenia), Let’s be Belarusian (Belarus), Bibendum (Εstonia), The last tour, Insignificant details of the accidental episode (Russia), Do you really love me (France), Inspiration (Moldova)

Tuesday, 8th April/ 20:00
6. Dangerous jobs
Millimeters (Μalta), Dangle (Germany: Berlin), Behind the Wall (Netherlands: Limburg), Fauntom (Serbia), Stolen rhythm (Hungary), Cat Killer (Spain), Cristiano’s shirt (Belgium), Worst impossible (Spain), Catch him! (Slovakia), The astronaut on the roof (Germany)

Wednesday, 9th of April/ 20:00
7. Life is precious
The Hey-Hunter and the Bell-stopper (Bulgaria), Swimming lessons (Belgium), Instructions (Cyprus), On Wednesdays (Lithuania), Gravity (Iceland), Dawid and Dominik (Poland), The Tool thieves (Wales)

Entrance: 1€.

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