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A special “stage” for a schoolteacher of informatics in Belgium

The House of Europe, since its foundation in 2000 has shown a particular sensibility in the children with special dexterities.

During the visit of members of its Board to the Special Centre of Profetionnal Formation of such youngsters (EEEEK) there has been a very fruitful meeting of most of its personnel and has discussed with them their needs and expectations.

During this meeting, except for some teaching “tools” the House has bought for the centre, Mrs. Athina Giouzeni has witnessed her experience of a stage the House had sent her in Belgium at AIGS in 2006 an experience which has aroused the interest of some members of the personnel.

The House of Europe has made the necessary contacts and has secured a stage for one teacher of Informatics the the hospitality and a stage for the first two weeks of August 2013 in Belgium.

Το stage will be realized within the very important NGO AIGS (Association Interregionale de Guidance et de Sante), which keeps its seat in Liege Belgium and occupies a personnel of over 600 people.

The House has had a close collaboration with AIGS for the past 12 years realizing in collaboration with it various programs.

This is also the second despatching of teaching personnel in Belgium where the stagiaire will work with some of the working groups of AIGS and take advantage of the new methods and the know how of the working teams of AIGS.