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To House of Europe in Rhodes was honored in London as a partner of the European Grundtvig-Reperes Program

In a special conference entitled: “Promoting Concepts and Ideas of Active European Citizenship”, which was organized by the European Commission in London, were presented and honored the best 30 European projects. Between them was the European program Grundtvig – Reperes, which lasted two years (2009-2011). The aim of the Grundtvig program is to achieve the “lifelong learning” and the opportunity offered by the EU to adults for training in professional orientation.

The main theme of the Grundtvig program – Reperes was to create tools for learning European History from 1815 until today, the presentation of the main historical events and cultural wealth of Europe. These were attributed with powerpoints, explanatory texts as instruction manuals for teachers, memory games, maps and diagrams and questionnaires for learners. At the end of the course they were asked to narrate their experience of a historical fact that they have experienced or that someone else had told them. Through this experience participants realized that they are part of the European history and therefore a living part of Europe.

The members of the House of Europe in Rhodes has worked on the project so as to prepare these tools for Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The program is posted on the Internet in French, English and German (

«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».