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A prow from Nisyros and the Victory of Samothrace

In a full conference room a very interested audience has attended the second part of the “Diptych of Greek Culture”, a very interesting presentation of the archaeologist, former director of the KB Direction of Prehistoric and Classic Archaeology of Rhodes Mrs Melina Filimonos – Tsopotou on the following issue: «A prow from Nisyros and the Victory of Samothrace».

The speaker has spoken at first about the Niki of Samothrace, the way the statue, today dominating on top of the main staircase of the Louvre Museum, was at first placed on a ship prow made of stone from Lardos, from the island of Rhodes, proof that it was a thanking gift of the Rhodians after a naval victory.

She has also spoken about the quickest and more popular kind of battle ship of the hellenistic period for the islands, which moved by three rows of rawers. Finally she has connected the stone prow which has been discovered near the island of Nisyros on 2005 and is now exhibited in its newly opened museum with the Niki of Samothrace and its connection and ressemblances with it.