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3rd Eurochannel Festival of Short Films

The Youth Committee of the House of Europe in Rhodes has organized and hosted, for the first time in Greece, the 3rd Eurochannel Festival of Short Films.

After the USA, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil e.t.c., a unique collection of 54 short films, from everywhere in Europe, are presented in Rhodes.

The 8 projections took place every day from Wednesday, April 3rd to Wednesday, April 10th 2013, at 20.00, Cinema- Theatre “Palace”.

About 400 spectators came to the festival which very possibly will be repeated sometime in the summer.

More information also at the Facebook:

Symbolic entrance fee: 1€ for every projection (duration approximately two hours)

The general theme of all the pictures was LOVE in all its manifestations: passion, love for the arts, love for one’s country, love for life!

A magic journey in the contemporary European Cinema, in its prototype version, its prototype language, subtitled in English.

A few words for the Eurochannel: Τhe Eurochannel is a private television network which presents its leading content only from Europe: from classic films to the most contemporary cinema, from epic series to amazing smaller productions, from tributes to the history of art to modern rock and pop musical scenes.

Τhe Eurochannel is not only emissions: it reveals the unique and secret parts of European culture with tributes to journeys covering at the same time the most important cinematographic festivals in Europe.

In Europe, the Eurochannel is available only in Portugal. In Greece it does not yet emit. You could ask your local furnisher of cable T.V. to include the Eurochannel in his program.

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