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A Day dedicated to the Information of High School Pupils

Τhe House of Europe in Rhodes has made a presentation in the Multiple Use Hall of the University of the Aegean, on Saturday 30 May 2013 at 18.00 of the 4th consequent Model United Nations Conference Rhodes MRC 2013, dedicated to Regional International Organisms, on a University and high School Level. The presentation has been made by the member of the Board of the House and Head of the organizing Committee of Rhodes MRC, Mr. Michael Kavouklis.

The Conference aimed in:

1. the valid and correct information of the pupils for the 17 schools of studies of the University of the Aegean

2. the information for the Professional Orientation by the responsible staff of the relevant Rhodes bureau (Σ.Ε.Π. του ΚΕ.ΣΥ.Π.)

3.the substantial information of all the interested pupils, on professions in which they might be interested as possible future options, in the frame of the contemporary working options, as it is formed under the new extremely difficult, economic conditions.

Τhe activity has been framed by 60 selected professionals, who in five “round tables” corresponding to the five scientific fields accepted to answer the questions of pupils and parents.