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Three Days Conference for Youth Entrepreneurship and Networking of NGOs

Τhe Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki and the House of Europe in Rhodes are organizing a Three Days Conference for Youth Entrepreneurship and networking of NGOs, which will begin on Monday, February 18th.

On Tuesday night, at 19:00, in Aktaion, will take place a conference devoted to the NGOs, under the title “NGOs: networking at local, national, regional and international environment.”

The conference program includes:

• Vasilis Tsoulis, President of Young Entrepreneurs of Thessaloniki: “Presentation of the Initiative Greek-German Cooperation with Civil Society.”

•  Anna Chatzinikita, City Councillor, responsible in matters of Volunteering and Lifelong Learning of the Municipality of Rhodes: “Coordination of NGOs in the municipality of Rhodes».

•  Marilena Sokianou, President of the House of Europe in Rhodes, Vice President of the European Network of Houses of Europe – EUNET: «Rhodes as an equal and active member of the leading European network for Education and Lifelong Learning”.

•   Mediterranean Anti Nuclear Watch «MN3 – Mediterannean No Nuclear Neighbourhood».
•  Michael Kavouklis, entrepreneur: “Corporate Social Responsibility: the program for free viewing NGOs Dodecanese»

The event will be free to the public (


«Current translation pending review – For demonstration only».