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A “retro” music performance titled «From Attic to Souyoul»

A “retro” music recital organized by the House of Europe, in the amphitheater of the “Rhodian College”, a musical evening with nostalgic music and Greek, French and American songs from the 30s to the 60s, very well known songs we have all sang at a moment or another.

Many hits of Greek and foreign composers among which the very well known and very popular composers of Athens Attic and Souyoul!

The soprano Zoe Kokkala and the tenor Stamatis Pakakis accompagnied by Angela Spanou on the piano have given the public an excellent musical event. Kyriakos Constandakis has played the accordion and Gina Davila has made the presentation of the program and has described the social environment of those days, then when the songs have been first sang and loved.