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Exhibition of Photography, of the pupil Nassia Stouraiti, titled “Mirrors of the soul”

The exhibition of photography of Nassia Stouraiti was inaugurated on Saturday 1 December at the Art Cafι Manufacture.

It is the second exhibition of the young amateur photographer Nassia Stouraiti, pupil of the 3rd grade, organized in Rhodes and supported by the House of Europe in Rhodes.

It was sure from the very start that her work would once again astonish the public, who first discovered her talent two years ago, at her 1st exhibition in the premises of the French Inn (Auberge de France) where also the French Consulate is hosted, on December 11th, on the International Day of the Children’s Rights, as consecrated by ONU.

The visitors of both exhibitions have been amazed discovering the ability of a child the first time and a teenager this time who manages, at a fraction of a minute, with a simple click, to freeze and to immortalize an idea but also the time, the space, the color creating a small masterpiece, a source of joy for the eyes!

The House of Europe in Rhodes feels honored for the trust shown by Nassia and her parents Yannis and Feni Stouraiti for the organization of the exhibition.

The revenue from disposing the photographs has been offered to the Workshop of Special Professional Formation of Teenagers with Special Needs in Piraeus as well as to a seriously ill lady in Rhodes.