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One day Conference “The Council of Europe. The Europa Prize awarded to Rhodes in 1961”

The House of Europe in Rhodes, within the concept of the celebrations of the month of May as Europe Month, has organized a one day Conference on the following issue: “The Council of Europe. The Europa Prize awarded to Rhodes in 1961”.


Mr. Constantinos Magliveras, professor of Interational Law at the University of the Aegean and Mr. Vassilis Ipsilantis, Deputy of the Dodecanese and lawyer, grandson of the late Mayor of Rhodes Michael Petridis when the Europa Prize had been awarded Your presence will be an honor for us.

Admission is free for the public

Mr. Magliveras has given the audience all the details about the structure, evolution and aims of the Council of Europe. He has also explained the procedure of the Europa Prize award to cities and communities which with various activities have promoted the European Ideal. Rhodes is the only city in Greece which has been awarded with the Europa Prize in 1961. On the other hand the city of Hermoupolis in Syros has received a less important prize from the Council of Europe in 1965.

Mr. Ypsilantis has presented the chronicle of the selection of Rhodes for the Europa Prize award as well as its receipt by the late Michail Petridis, his grand father, Mayor of the city at that time.

On the other hand, with the help of a power point he has presented the CV of his grand father and all his efforts in order to make Rhodes an attractive tourism destination and to make it known to the jet set of the fifties and sixties as well as a centre for international conferences.