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The application of the Convention on the Law of the Sea in Greek seas

May has been established as the month of Europe since the famous statement of the Foreign Minister of France R.S. , at 09/05/1950. With this declaration he laid the foundation of  the European construction with the aim to protect the Peace and Democracy.

The current economic situation in Europe, is making the citizens of the European Union even more skeptical than ever. The House of Europe, due to the parliamentary elections, is organizing three events to celebrate this day.

The first event is dedicated to the Convention on the Law of the Sea, its content, how it works and how it affects relations between our country and our neighbors. The event will be held on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at 7 pm at the Chamber of Commerce of the Dodecanese, “George Karagiannis” hall.

The speaker will be the distinguished Professor of International Law and Diplomatic History Mr. Emmanuel Gounaris. Mr. Gounaris served at the Foreign Ministry as an expert on matters of maritime law until 2009.

In this lecture, Mr. Gounaris will develop the most important issues of the Convention, present the legal and political aspects of the application of the rules of the Convention on the Greek seas.

The entrance is free to the public.

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