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–Working meeting of members of the EUNET Board with members of the Committees

A two days working meeting took place at Bad Marienberg, in Germany, where 12 persons have participated (3 members of the EUNET Board and 9 members of the Committees) from 10 different European organizations, members of EUNET (European Network of Education and Training, the Federation of Houses and similar European organizations).

This meeting aimed mainly in tracking the possible feeble points in the functioning of EUNET, in marking down the wishes of the present representative members and in programming EUNET’s future course.

The results of this work, which have been pulled out of the work in teams or by all the members working together, have been written down and a text which has been rectified and accepted by everyone will be presented to the Board meeting in Hennef Germany on May 22nd 2012 and the General Assembly which will take place in Vucovar, Croatia between 27-30 September 2012, where there will also be elections for a new 3 years mandate.