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Theatrical play “The Arhondissa of the Platsa”

The 3 performances of the Amateur Theatrical Group of Symi, have known a great success and have enchanted the audience with two hours of satire and humor.

“The Arhondissa of the Platsa”, one more successful play by the author Mr Manolis Andonoglou, written in the local dialect of his beloved native island Symi.

The performances have been realized by the theatrical group of the Organization “Glaukos” on Febuary 3rd, 4th and 5th 2012, at the Municipal Theatre of Rhodes.

The House of Europe in Rhodes, has offered part of the revenue to offer provisions to the Social Super Market of our island and also to help a seriously ill Rhodian lady to cover part of the expenses of her therapy.

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The inspired author of the play, Manolis Andonoglou, with a lot of love, sensibility, talent and passion for the theatre and his huge love for his native island Symi, creates powerful and very successful roles incarnated by himself and the excellent, acknowledged, authentic and talented actors of the amateur theatrical group of the Symian organization “Glaukos”.

The plays of the Symian Theatre animate, in a unique way, the customs and habits, as well as typical characters, describing the life of older times in Symi.

The collaboration of Manolis Andonoglou and the Symian Theatre with the House of Europe in Rhodes has completed a decade. It has begun with his presentation, at the 1st International Conference of the House in 2001, European Year of Languages, on the Symian dialect and has projected, video taped scenes, from the very well known ancient Greek Comedy “Lyssistrati” in his dialect, written by Mr Andonoglou and performed in Athens, in 1989. He has also presented, during the Conference, together with two other actors from his group, a sketch, in dialect, provoking vivid enthusiasm to the whole audience, which included 70 students from the University of the Aegean.

With the “The Arhondissa of the Platsa”, for which he probably has drawn his inspiration from “the Miser” by Moliere, the Symian Theatre marks one more great hit and in the general pessimism and sadness which reigns these days in our country, because of the economic crisis, this theatrical performance will offer the audience lots of laughs and some optimism.