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Regular Annual General Assembly of EUNET the Federation of Houses

The Regular Annual General Assembly of EUNET (European Network for Education and Training) the Federation of Houses of Europe and similar organizations took place with big success in Scy Chazelles, Metz France where from the House of Rhodes the Secretary and elected member of the EUNET Board Marilena Sokianou and the member of the Board of Rhodes and member of the Youth Committee of EUNET Mr Michalis Kavouklis, have participated.

During the G.A. there have been meetings of the EUNET Board members and the members of its 4 thematic Committees.

In the course of the G.A. the main issue was the European Year 2012 as the “Year of Intergenerational Dialogue”. The House of Europe in Rhodes had a very active role during all the 3 sessions of the G.A. as follows:

1. Mrs. M. Sokianou, in collaboration with the other two partners of the two year long European Program Grundtvig-Reperes, integrated in September 2011, have presented, to the members of the G.A., the main didactic tools relative to the History of Europe from 1815 to our days.

2. Mr M. Kavouklis has participated in the round table Intergenerational Dialogue together with another 3 youngsters from France, Sweden and Germany and 2 veterans of the European Idea from France and Germany.

3. There was a presentation of the 90 photos which have participated to the Photo Contest on the “Intergenerational Dialogue” organized by the Youth Committee and where the winner was the Rhodian Mrs. Katerina Hatzichristodoulou, who has also been invited to the G.A. to receive her award and has addressed the G.A.