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Church Attendance

Like every year, this year also we have celebrated the church attendance, for the special mass on the second Friday of the 40 days Lent before Easter (Salutations), this time in the village of Soroni, with our members and friends.

There has been an innovation this year concerning the time. We have started at 12.30, we had a lenten lunch in Soroni, at a local restaurant then we drove to the Swedco Cafe in Salakos for a cup of cofee.

When we came back to Soroni we have been welcome by the President of the Cultural organization of Soroni called “Abernali” Mr. Panayotis Bellos, who has guided us at the Folklore Museum of the village.
Then we have attended the mass in the church of the Evangelist Loukas.

A very pleasant surprise was waiting for us on our way out of the church afer the mass, when the ladies of the village have prepared and offered us hot tea and home made biscuits.