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Τetralogy of Greek Culture

Τhe House of Europe in Rhodes aiming to contribute to the promotion of the Greek Heritage has organized for 2011 a «Τetralogy of Greek Culture», a program of speeches and guided tours through which the public has been given the opportunity to listen to very interesting presentations concerning our homeland, and to get acquainted with new archaeological collections and new finds and also to enrich our knowledge on ancient painting and sculpture as well as on the structure of the main harbour.
We catch the opportunity to thank the distinguished archaeologists who with a lot of willingness have accepted our invitation to take us for an attractive journey in the past…

You can read about these 4 activities in more details here below. The 4 presentations of the Tetralogy are the following:

02/02/2011 – Presentation of the new finds of the excavations which have been realized by the archaeologists Mrs. Eleni Farmakidou and Mrs. Toula Marketou by mrs. E. Farmakidou, titled: “Ιalysos. A large city of the prehistoric Aegean emerges by the excavations of the KB Archaeological Service”.

15/02/2011 – Speech of the archaeologist Mrs. Eleni Papavassiliou on the topic: “Sponsoring in Rhodes in the area of Sculpture and Painting”.

29/05/2011 – Guiding of the architect of the Ministry of Culture Mrs. Aikaterini Manousou-Della at the new excavations of the harbor of Rhodes, titled: “Newer and older finds in the harbor of Rhodes”. This activity has been organized within the concept of the European Program MARE NOSTRUM.

19/06/2011 – “Guiding in the New Collections of Exhibits of the Archaeologial Museum of Rhodes” by the archaeologists Mrs. Anastasia Dreliossi-Heracleidou and Mrs. Toula Marketou.