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Women on the tips” “Medea

Within the frame of the Universal Day of Cultural Heritance the House of Europe in Rhodes, as the official sponsor, has repeated the performance which had been presented also on 03/04/2011. This time it took place in the atrium of the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, the former Hospital of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, titled: “Women on the tips” “Medea”, a revolutionary theatrical performance, an apologetic plea of Medea .

In a combination of four factors: vocal, body movement, music and speach, a re-reading of the known topic of the tragedy “Medea” by Euripides is attempted, with contemporary feminine terms, marking out Medea’ s point of view, her own reason, her own plea, which remained so far shaded throughout time, in the margin of the patriarchal expression of Art.

For just a quick taste on the performance please click on the following site in order to watch the spot prepared by Gabriel Charitos and Nikos Tzedakis

Those who contributed:
Writer of the theatrical monologue: Charis Kontou Theatrical direction: Myrsini Lenoudia
Scenography: Valia Salamastraki and Constantinos Feizidis
Artistic shooting: scenery photographs, landscape photographs, especially formated cds, by the director Alexandros Louizidis
Choreography and acting: Maria Manioti
As Glauchea / dancing movement: Stephania Patlaka
Μusical selection: Maria Manioti
Costumes: Stemi Daniilidou
Recitation of the theatrical monologue: Charis Kontou