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Women at their extremes: “Maedea”

Within the context of the International Women’s Day and the International Day for Culture and main sponsor the House of Europe in Rhodes, the theatrical performance “Maedea” has been presented with main topic “Women at their extremes” with a revolutionary presentation of the drama of Maedea. The performance took place at the magic patio of the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

Through a “quartet” of voice, body-movement, music and recitation, a new reading of the known tragedy of Euripides Maedea is attempted, under new, contemporary feminine terms, marking out the heroine’s arguments which have remained obscure, within the margins of the patriarchal expression of art.

With a click on the following link you can see the spot realized by Gabriel Charitos and Nikos Tzedakis

Author of the Theatrical monologue: Charis Kontou
Director : Myrsini Lenoudia
Scenography: Valia Salamastraki and Constantinos Feizidis
Restitution of the artistic shootings, scenery photographs, specially formed cd : director Alexandros Louizidis
Choreography and theatrical deeds: Maria Manioti
For the part of Glauki / dancing movement: Stefania Patlaka

Choice of the music: Maria Manioti
Costumes: Stemy Daniilidou
Recitation: Charis Kontou