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Thalatta…Thalatta… Concert of Mediterranean Music

Within the frame of the 4 year lasting (2008-2012)European Program MARE NOSTRUM, where the House of Europe in Rhodes participates as an associate, “A Mediterranean Music Concert” has been organized, with the support of the Municipality of Rhodes, which also participates in the program as partner, together with another 5 countries around the Mediterranean. Countries where the presence of the Phoenicians during antiquity is a real fact. The Phoenicians are actually the connecting thread of all the participating cities around the Mediterranean.

Τhe excellent choice of the repertory done by the musical group Mood Swing, which with its performance has taken the numerous audience on a musical journey around the Mediterranean Sea. The full moon and the imposing scenery of the atrium of the Archaeological Museum, once the Hospital of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (1309-1522).

Videos from the concert organized by the “House of Europe in Rhodes” on 24 June 2010

Please click on the following site to have a taste of the concert, watching the spot prepared by Gabriel Charitos & Nikos Tzedakis