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Annual Regular General Assembly with Elections

The House of Europe invited its members, at its offices in the Medieval City of Rhodes, Evreon Martyron Str. 30 & Byzantiou for its Regular Annual General Assembly with Elections, at 11.00 a.m. and the following Agenda :

  • Τhe Annual Report of its Deeds for 2009 and
  • Τhe Financial Report for 2009
  • Conclusion of the Controlling Team of the Financial Report
  • Acceptance of the Financial Report, dismissal of the Administrative Board from their office and
  • Elections for the period 2010-2012

There was quorum. The ballot box remained opened until 14.00 h. in the afternoon.

During the elections of the 17/01/2010 the new Administrative Board, for a service of two years 2010-2012 is the following:

President: Anna Charitou

Secretary: Μarilena Sokianou

Τreasurer: Petra Zifou

Μembers: Μaria Philippou, Μaria Nissyriou,

Μerkouris Arfaras and Michalis Κavouklis