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General Assembly of the International Federation EUNET and Elections

At Gimborn, in Germany, 40 kilm. from Koeln, at the General Assembly of the International Federation of Houses of Europe EUNET, elections have taken place nominating the new Administrative Board for a 3 year period 2009 – 2012.

Τhe House of Europe in Rhodes, which is a member of the Federation since 2004, has been represented by its President Anna Charitou and the Founding President, Secretary and member of the Administrative Board Marilena Sokianou who has been reelected as its member for another 3 years.

Τhe members of the new Administrative Board are the following:

President is Mrs. Catherine Guy-Quant, French, from Clermont Ferrand of Auvergne, European Deputy for 10 years

1st Vice President and Treasurer, Mr. Hans Christhart Eihorst, German, from Bonn

2nd Vice President Mr. Wolfgang Forthhofer, Austrian, from Salzburg

Μembers of the Administrative Board:

Κamil Sladek, Slovak, from Bratislava

Richard Stock, French, from Alsace

Μarilena Sokianou, Greek, from Rhodes

Κarsten Lucke, German, from Marienberg

During the G.A. the Federation which counts already 60 members in 19 countries, has accepted the candidacy of another 5 Houses of Europe, as well as one new country: Cyprus.

The House of Europe in Cyprus, has been founded in 2008 with the support and guidance of the House of Europe in Rhodes and has been represented by its President Mrs. Mary Pyrgos.

Τhe other 4 Houses are the following: the House of Europe of Yvelines, France, The House of Europe of Auvergne, France, the House of Europe of Roussillon, France and the House of Carl Arnold, of Koeningswinter, Germany.