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“Environment and Renewable Energy Sources” Celebration of the Day of Europe

To celebrate the Day of Europe (May 9th) we have organized a Day Conference, in collaboration with the Centre of European Information ΕUROPE DIRECT (ΑΝ.DO.), in the Conference Hall AKTAEON, titled: «Environment and Renewable Energy Sources».


  • Mr. Georges Kremlis, Head of the Managing Team of “Political Coherence and Valuations of Environmental Consequences” of the General Direction of Environment of the European Commission.
  • Mr. Stavros Volas, Electrician Engineer, specialized in Environmental Issue.

Mr. Georges Kremlis has explained the european legal frame, concerning the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and the prospect of environmental improvement as well as the possibilities of their application on our islands.

Mr. Stavros Volas, has explained and demonstrated all the ways of application of the RES by the Public Services, the hotels and the individuals and analysed the presuppositions and benefits of such an investment.