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Trilogy – “From Otzi to the Celestial Adoration” 1st event

A Trilogy – Tribute to the Greek Cultural Heritage has been announced and scheduled by the House of Europe in order to promote various aspects of the treasures of our civilization.

The first part of the Trilogy was successfully organized on Wednesday, 18/03/2009 at the Museum of Contemporary Greek Art “Nestoridion Melathron”.

Mr. Ioannis Lyritzis, Professor of Physics and New Technologies in Archaeology and History of Art at the University of the Aegean, at the Section of Mediterranean Studies has made a very interesting speech on the following issue: “From Otzi to the Celestial Adoration”.

The event consisted of two parts: First we met at 18.00, at the remains of the Temple of Apollo, on the Ancient Acropolis of the town of Rhodes (Monte Smith), where Mr. Lyritzis explained the method used in defining the astronomical orientation of the ancient Greek monuments and especially the temples and then at 19.00 the numerous audience has enjoyed the speech of Mr. I.Lyritzis who with the help of a power point with information, photographs and maps.