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Tribute to China – Inauguration of a painting Exhibition

At the Μuseum of Contemporary Art, Nestoridio Melathro, on Wednesday Μarch 11th 2009, at 18.00 a numerous audience has enjoyed a double event: “A Tribute to China” and the “Inauguration of the Chinese Painting Exhibition of the Chinese Painter Mrs.ZHONG YINGXI”.

Speakers the Members of the Board:

  • Mrs. Efi Stavrianou, on the issue: “A glance at the History of China”
  • Mrs. Μαrilena Sokianou, on the issue: “China today”

On the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing , in August 2008 the House of Europe, in its efforts to introduce to the public of Rhodes other countries, their people and their civilization has decided to present this immense country with 1,5 billion inhabitants, which is one of the most ancient cradles of the world cultural heritage.

Through its music, a short documentary film with its worth seeing sites, a short presentation of its long and interesting history and also interesting information on China today our audience has known better this vast country, which emerges during these past years as an enormous financial power.

After the Tribute to China the Deputy Mayor Mr. Antonis Alahouzos took the floor, greeted the audience, cut the double red and yellow ribbon, bearing the national colours of China and inaugurated the Chinese Painting Exhibition of the Chinese painter Mrs. Zhong Yingxi, which remained opened until 31/03/2009.

Mrs. Zhong Yingxi, who now shares her time between China and Japan and travels mainly in the countries of the Far East. She participates in various exhibitions or organizes her personnal ones. She has received many prizes and today she teaches as a Lecturer at the Modern Chinese Painting Course at the Japan Kintetsu Cultural Salon.

In her work she depicts in a wonderful way the beauty of her country’s nature, tender scenes from everyday life in China, in Japan and in Thibet. Her painting has an air of tenderness and romantism but also a perfect technique and excellent use of colours and shapes.

Mrs. Efi Stavrianou analysed in short the History of China since the Prehistorical years emphasizing on the Dynasties which succeeded one another and referring especially to the Chinese inventions and the various scientific attaintments of China. She concluded referring especially to the development of the Fine Arts.

Mrs. Μarilena Sokianou has made a presentation of the period after the fall of the last Dynasty, the predominence of Chairman Mao Tse Toung, reffering to the most important historical moments until his death as well as to the big changes and important leaps in the economical development of China in the after-Mao era until today. She presented China “in numbers” but she also analysed the various problems which emerged as a result of its bounding development.